Need to tame bass

Hi, I have a pair of Von Schweikert vr3, love everything about them,just need to tighten up bass.My room is just a little to small,that adds to the problem.Right now I,m using a 8 ft. pair of monster m.75s,would like a speaker cable to tighten things up.Equiment I have: Audio Research LS3 pre., Forte Audio model 5 power amp,h.k.710 as transport,MSB DAC with p 1000 power base,audioquest coral and vampire interconnets.Right now I am looking to buy a pair of transparent plus interconnects that should help quite abit.Your help would be appreciated. P.S. I listin to jazz most of the time. Thanks
I've had nice results with ASC tube traps in corners behind
speakers. You can fax/E-mail your room dimensions to ASC
and they will recommend ideal location.
Mark your room at 1/3 and 1/4th the distance between the front and rear wall...move the speakers between these two measurments as you listen to deep bass.

Make or buy some corner bass traps.

I agree with Sogood, re speaker positioning (and listener position). Moving your speakers or chair a few inches could make far greater difference in a problematic room than all of the speaker cables in the world. And, if you find a cable that will "tighten up your bass", chances are that it will give you excessively brightened highs.
Completely agree with Sogood51 and Newbee. I would also recommend purchasing a Radio Shack SPL meter and a CD with bass test tones (i.e. Stereophile Test Disc #3). I am currently doing exactly what Sogood51 has recommended. Man, the SPL numbers do jump around!

I am not familiar with Monster M.75, but I tried Monster M1 from an older system I had on my Soliloquy 6.5s and the sound was intolerably boomy, even when the speakers were 4 feet from the wall. Kimber Bifocal XL cleaned up the bass completely (without adding brightness). If placement doesn't cure your problem, try this cable or Kimber Monocle XL, if your speakers don't accept bi-wired cable.
Do not use cables as an eq device. I agree, measure the response. Speaker position and listening position can help quite a lot. Get it as flat as you can and then you can determine if the Q is low and the amplitude is not too bad, you can use capacitive traps, such as real traps. If the Q is high or the amplitude is high then you may have to use electrical correction such as our PARC.

I would recommend our Test CD over the Stereophile as it is calibrated for the RS meter. It can be found here.

Also, learn as much as you can about acoustics. Here are three good resources:
1. A room simulator
2. A basic acoustics tutorial
3. Many acoustical links including some web books
I remember back 15 years ago a friend had these big psb's---The bass was intolerable.Whithout doing anything else but a wire switch-- the boom-boom went bye-bye.--The cable was RSC,reference/master.---
I recently ran dedicated lines to my stereo and could not believe the amount of improvement especially at cleaning up the bass and upper bass. By clean up I mean a fair amount of grunge was removed and what remained was articulate and clean bass. It is the kind of improvement I could not find no matter what I did with speaker placement or equipment replacement. If you have not done so I stongly recommend you try the dedicated lines.
Agreed RE: speaker and listening chair replacement. That was how I got my bass response dialed in for all the better. It was boomy and sloppy before. My trick was to get my listening chair off of the back wall. With the chair out into the room somewhat it evened out the bass. I no longer had the suckout at 70-80hz and the boom at 40-50 and 120hz. Do not use cables as a tone control in this application.

You might also investigate spikes or brass cone footers for you speakers and especially source components! Again, the bass will improve!

go with some siver in your interconnects and speaker wires i have about the same system you have .put some siver interconnect between your pre and amp..and see what happens .