Need to start a collection vinyl must haves.

I didn't see a similar thread so I figured I would start one. I got rid of my vinyl about 8 years ago, silly me I just bought a basis debut turntable now I get to start over.

So I like female vocals like Holly Cole, Nora Jones, faster classical, and jazz again as long as it is not to slow and mushy.

So what do I buy and where do I get it? What are the must have records? I am in North jersey.
I get a lot of my LPs from
Princeton Records has a lot of used stuff but I buy most of my used LPs at Jack's in Red Bank, they're cheaper and I've had better luck quality wise from them. Most of their stuff is $1.99 so if I get a lemon it doesn't sting too bad. I get most of my new releases on line when on sale.
There are lots of Jazz reissues out there of all the stuff you like. I shop
I like Norah Jones' new album, but the sound is awful. I got the CD, and thought the vinyl would be better, but,,,,nope. Too bad.
Stringreen, I like Norah Jones too, plus I think she's cute. Just curious which CD/album you are referring to??

I picked up a copy at Starbucks about 9 months ago. It's the one with Norah singing duets with a lot of other vocalists, like Ray Charles, Willy Nelson, Dolly Parton, etc. I forget the name of the CD. If you are familiar with my CD, is that the one you are thinking about?
Oh, I have a question for the Forum. I have read that Japanese pressings are among the highest quality. Where can you buy them? Any web sites??
Geek, since you are three small towns away from me, you are invited to come audition some Nancy Wilson/hear my system, and we can go across the street to the record store which has a decent used selection.
Ricky Lee Jones - great on vinyl.
I fully agree with the Bdgregory RLJ suggestion! Particularly "RICKIE LEE JONES" (debut) & "PIRATES". 4 out 5 Audiophiles agree that my type of system excels in female vocal reproduction. Enjoy
Rickie Lee Jones "It's Like This" has been described as the album you should audition a system with.
Well the best place to start is with the classics. Frank, Ella, etc. The Blue Nile lp's are all great and not very well known so they are a treat. Remember your taste is different from other people so start with what you enjoy first the rest will follow. The reissued tea for the tillerman is great.
the ones you like are the must haves.
Here's what I did...I went to eBay and typed "sealed" into the search under "records"....every morning I get a list of sealed albums to choose from...enjoy..
Music Direct dot com is a good source for many differnet genres in vinyl release.