Need to shield speakers.

I have just purchased a Toshiba HD 34HF85.

My center speaker is a NHT Super Center which is supposed to be shielded. However, when placed on top of the TV I'm getting two magnetic interference spots from the speaker.

The TV, center speaker, and gear are housed in a Armoir(sp?) due to the WAF. I have no where to place the center other then on top of the TV.

I'm looking for suggestions to shield the speaker from the TV. I've been looking here. I could try re-wrapping the magnets, but can't even figure out how to open the center speaker as it appears to be sealed shut. Anybody have any luck placing a sheet of mu-metal or something between the speaker and TV? Any other suggestions?

BTW, I've removed the speaker as not to permantly damage the TV and have reconfigured my Denon AVR2805 with no center. Actually doesn't sound bad with movies. But with SACD and DVD-A I really want to use the center.
Sell them and buy shielded speakers; there are plenty around in various price levels.
Do you know for sure that the NHT center IS shielded? I ask only because I've never encountered a "semi-shielded" speaker. Either it is or it ain't. There are fixes, but hell, it's supposed to work out of the box. If it really is supposed to be shielded, then get your money back and do what C123666 says.
What about a floor stand so you can easily move it out of the way when not in use?
I checked the specs again and the NHT SuperCenter is defiently supposed to be shielded.

I bought the speaker used a couple of years ago, so taking it back isn't an option.

I have that particular speaker because it is the sonic match for my NHT Model Two's up front, and NHT SuperZero surrounds.

Perhaps matching the center isn't that big of a deal and I should indeed shop around for a different center.

Any suggestions new or used around the $300 area?
It may be that the speaker is set far behind the TV, so that the front of the speaker which may not be shielded is causing the interference.

You can also go online and search for EMF shielding materials which may be a cheaper way to go if you enjoy the sound of your current setup.
I think Teonyc may be right.