Need to select a pair of main speakers for HT

Happy New Year Everybody !!!
I am tempting to add a pair of main speakers to my Home Theater system. I am thinking about JBL 112, Klipsch RF7, or Paradigm Studio 100. Are these stil good option to consider ? Hopefully I will find some used ones.

I prefer clarity, sweet mid and deep/strong bass. I have a moderate size room (26' x 16' x 10'). But small foot print speakers will be desirable. Amplification is no problem. I can arrange for suitable amp. Are there any newer breeds to consider for better performance? Cheaper is the better. Vintage/modern all will be considered if they work.
Your thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have good listening !!!
what is your budget and is music playback as important as HT?
If this is for theater, the center channel is quite important. You really need it to match the right and left sonically. Vintage speakers won't do this for you unless you can find three matching speakers.
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My budget is around $2000. But I like to keep it as less as possible (probably around $1000). I will use them for music playback probably for 25%, and HT 75%. My music choices are Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, etc.

I really want to avoid a subwoofer if possible. The reason being: It takes up additional space, additonal cost for a good sub, headache of matching with the mains, additional cables, etc. Not to mention of an additional amp for a passive subwoofer. I may have to go into that route, but that will be my last option. If two mains give out moderately good amount of bass, I will be happy. I think T6 is out of my budget.

I was considering vintage to keep the overall cost minimum and there are some really good speakers out there among the vintage ones. Moreover if the whole project fails I will not loose too much.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will appreciate more ideas.
Best regards.
My experience is that you will be unhappy without a sub unless you get large main speakers and large main speakers will cost more than adding a sub, especially when you consider the additional wattage from an amp neeeded to drive them. "Deep/strong bass" really does not exist short of a minimum 10in and really 12in or 15in woofers.
my mains have really good bass and I would never consider going without my sub. I was really surprised how much content is included for the sub, and I dont just mean booms, that is lurking in the soundtrack. Example is that there is a effective use of LFE in the latest batman movie to impart a emotional response. watching with and without was really evident. agree with the last poster on the mains not really cutting it. mine dont come close. Perhaps a good set of bookshelves with a decent sub. $1500/500 split maybe? as for your choices above the studios would work fine. opinions vary of course but...........
Expand your requirements to purchase for the center channel the exact same speakers you use for the sides. A lot of listening research has gone into identifying that as the best match for a true center channel experience.
You owe it to yourself to check out the Cerwin Vega XLS-215's. Awesome for HT as well as music! You can get
by without a sub if you don't want one trust me!

Really good speakers!!
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Since your main focus is HT, I think you need to seriously consider a Mirage setup from Vanns. They have ridiculous sale prices on the system that was awarded the 'Best Home Theatre Speakers' for 2007. If you research, you will find the article. I had this exact setup (upgraded the fronts to OMD-28 as I'm 90% music), and it is amazing for HT.

2 Mirage OMD-15 $1,000
1 Mirage OMD-C1 $300
2 Mirage OMD-5 $300

That leaves $400 for a subwoofer if you want. The Mirage OMD Prestige S10 is $400, and is a great powered sub. This setup is incredible for HT, and brand new it meets your financial requirements.

Very interesting suggestion, Manoterror. I have thought of Mirage at one point but not too seriously. Now that you have mentioned, I will look into it again.

Question to Telescope_trade. Can you please little elaborate on the sound character of XLS-215 ? The two 12" woofers of XLS-215 would not create booming sound ? Do they have good clarity and sweet mid ? What type of amps will satisfy them ?

Have any of you had Yamaha NS1000m series monitor speakers ? What is your opinion on them ? They are vintage/out dated, etc ? Will they work if used with a good sub ?

Thank you all for very interesting suggestions.
I am in the process of doing the same. I'm setting up a little 5.1 system on our third floor and trying to keep it simple. Hard to do when you are a crazy audiophile who has been dumping idiotic sums in his main system for many many years! Anyway....I am a huge fan of NHT in this situation. I have yet to hear anything close in their price range and they do swell in HT. I am pretty sure it's the route I am going. Good luck on your quest.
I have to say that with good amplification the big Def Tech towers are a excellent theater speaker. Then try hooking them up to a premium amp and see why they get such good reviews.
Most people don't get to hear Def Techs with anything better than the mid fi at Best Buy, but they are actually an over-achieving speaker for the money. My 7004 towers can be run without the SVS sub and still hit seriously low notes when I don't want to blow out the windows!



I would call them neutral & smooth overall. BTW, they have two 15" woofers per side, and no boom. If they did they would be long gone. I have about 300 hours on them and they are starting to really open up nice. Watched Iron Man II last night with them and WOW!! Talk about bringing the theater to you! I am 75% music 25% movies, so I consider them great for music only, but one of the few speakers that
can pull double duty with no sub needed. Although, I may add
one later just cause! :o)

You can read the review on the CLS on SoundStage (previous model to the XLS) and then read the review on Audio Revolution for the new XLS to give you more of an idea about these speakers.

And btw...these are new Cerwin Vegas, not older ones.
Athena f2s...Google reviews...these behave like a much more hi-end ck or eBay as they are discontinued...quality of bass rivals 2k speakers...ask stereophile!
The F2 seems to be some intrigueing speakers. But I dont see any on Ebay. Amazon says it is not available. On Athena's website there is no mention of F2 as they are discontinued. Do you know any other source ?

thanks for the info. I am glad to know that you are so much enjoying them!!! After all that enjoyment is priceless and that it is what counts.

Happy listening to all !!!!
You should try PMC!!
They are awsome!!!