Need to replace my Rotel RMB-1095 . suggestions pls

I have not been actively following trends/products for awhile in the audio/home theater and my Rotel RMB-1095 amp just lost the left front channel so I am looking for some advice on a replacement. I have bought and sold on Audiogon though not for years ...

I was happy with the performance and sound of the Rotel.  I would like to spend <2k
My current audio setup is:
Marantz AV7701 pre-amp, Aerial 7Bs, CCB3, 5Bs and a Martin Logan Descent with Transparent speaker and interconnect cables

I use my system for TV/Movies and non-critical music enjoyment .. 

Thanks !
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Have you thought about getting the Rotel, repaired and refurbished?
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I would agree with the repair.
Rotel has a ‘´ house sound  ´´
I had the RMB 1075 , but I wanted Balance input ...

But if you want to change , under 2000$ :