Need to replace my Rotel RMB-1095 . suggestions pls

I have not been actively following trends/products for awhile in the audio/home theater and my Rotel RMB-1095 amp just lost the left front channel so I am looking for some advice on a replacement. I have bought and sold on Audiogon though not for years ...

I was happy with the performance and sound of the Rotel.  I would like to spend <2k
My current audio setup is:
Marantz AV7701 pre-amp, Aerial 7Bs, CCB3, 5Bs and a Martin Logan Descent with Transparent speaker and interconnect cables

I use my system for TV/Movies and non-critical music enjoyment .. 

Thanks !
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Have you thought about getting the Rotel, repaired and refurbished?
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I would agree with the repair.
Rotel has a ‘´ house sound  ´´
I had the RMB 1075 , but I wanted Balance input ...

But if you want to change , under 2000$ :
I'd look into getting the Rotel repaired.  If it's not possible or too expensive, I'd take a look at the Emotiva line of amplifiers.  I had a RMB-1095 and still have an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen II.  Both are fine for home theater and I'd describe them as more similar than different.  The Rotel (and a RMB-1075) left my system(s) a long time ago, but I still use the Emotiva for surround duty in my 2nd system.  I wouldn't recommend either for critical music listening, but for your stated purpose, Emotiva fits the bill and your budget nicely if the Rotel can't be repaired.
Thanks for the suggestions. I talked with a tech at a service center and he also felt the amp was worthy of repairing. Ill find out by next Friday what the problem is and in the meantime read more about the suggested amp replacements
The Rotel is a killer amp for that vintage. Well worth repairing. Keep us posted on your decision.  Happy Listening!
If no go, then take a look at the Belles Aria stereo amp.
I have been trying lots of different equipment in the lower/mid cost of the audio world.  Right now I am using a couple of Arcam FMJ amps. I had been using some Rotel amps but wanted to try a little more power in my system. Still using a Rotel or Parasound Pre depending on my mood.  I like both.  I am doing this more for music at the moment since I am getting ready to build my home theater system.  If you really like the Rotel I would try fixing or audition a new one.  But then again sometimes the fun is playing with new toys.  I would think Parasound might be a good choice as well.  I had tried NAD But didn't really like it with the speakers I was using. I am currently using some KEF R100s and Dali Ikon 6.  Good luck shopping