Need to replace my Denon 2910, have $400?

I have $400 to spend on a new player and would like to see if I can get an upgrade over my old Denon 2910. Its been an incredible player but it no longer reads disks :(

Any suggestions are great!

Denon 2910
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Used 3910 will be under $300. now.
A 3910ci (or whatever the 1080p one is) will be under $400.
I picked up a 3910 locally used for $250. as a spare to my 5910 Denon DVD.
Were you using the 2910 as a universal player for music and DVD video? If so and you want a brand new univ player with $400.00, you may have to purchase preowned. There are plenty here on Audiogon & Videogon. If you're looking for just a music CDP and brand new, then the Marantz CD5004 for $350.00 is an excellent choice. Great reviews. The NAD C515BEE is another great choice for $300.00 brand new.
Ill just be using it for music, nothing else. I actually dont even care much about the SACD/DVD-A. Ill look into the Marantz, is it regarded as a better sounding option than the Denons?
Rega Planet
Never thought about going Rega, what about the Apollo? Is that better than the planet? I think I might be able to stretch my budget to $450-500 and land one of those?
The Apollo would be my choice.
Marantz & Denon are owned by the same parent company, D&M Holdings, Mahwah, NJ-USA office. I believe Marantz is considered the higher end line. So yes to your question comparing the two (just my opinion).
Theres a Marantz SA 8003 on the gon for $500, that a strong contender of the apollo?
used Rotel RCD1072, which I own.

How about a Squeezebox Touch ($350)? Since I purchased it I'm rarely, if ever, using my CD player anymore. Different ballgame altogether.
Hmmm, I've had a hard time thinking those squeezeboxes can sound much better than a cheap cd player but I've never really looked into them.
Depends of your definition of cheap. With 16bit/44.1kHz material, my SB Touch sounds as good as my Rotel RCD-1072 CD player ($800) playing the same CD, plus you have the option of 24/96 material and the flexibility digital audio provides. Some prefer the ritual of selecting a CD from the rack, opening it, looking over the art, etc. Certainly nothing wrong with that. However, I know I don't use my CD player anymore.

In case you are wondering, the rest of my system is Lamm LL2 pre, McIntosh MC275 amp, and B&W 804S.

Don't take my word. Do some reading around in forums and make up your own idea before buying.
Thanks Lewin, you using that toolbox mod with it? Was it hard to rip all your cds?
For the time being I'm using the Touch with factory settings, thru wi-fi, supplied power supply, etc. Just volume at 100% and use the preamp volume. The mods are in my to-do list. I'm using the internal DAC too (DAC is also in my to-do).

Ripping wasn't hard at all. Use the computer audiophile guide to ripping, follow step by step, and you are good to go without guessing what's a good approach. It suggests dBPoweramp. It is time consuming, but you can rip as you do other stuff so it wasn't bothersome to me.
Thanks man, really appreciate the help, I think ill bite the bullet and go for it, do you happen to have a link to the guide you mentioned for ripping? Thanks man
BTW, I dont have a pre, just an integrated so id assume id just keep it at 100% as well and use the volume on my amp?
Here we go:

As for the volume: yes, keep the Touch's volume at 100% for critical listening and use the integrated's volume control. The Touch volume control is in the digital domain, so as you lower the volume it will be dropping bits. Down to around 85% you are probably safe, though.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Just a neat device, with a number of upgrade paths from there.

Good choice on the touch. I recently ripped 1300+ discs with DB Poweramp. The process was fairly painless and took just under 3 weeks. The Touch is running via LAN to a 2.0 TB Linux Server. All files ripped in FLAC and the PCM conversion is being handled by the Squeezebox Server running on the Linux machine.
Via the analog outs ( no mods past the PCM conversion at the server ) the Touch is more than listenable. It will not keep up with my Ayre C5Xe, but it is pretty darn good. That said, I am looking for a DAC that will allow me to move on past the Ayre. Not going the USB route as that mod for the touch scares me and I do not want to invest the $$$ to have it done by a shop.
So far the DAC that has a real leg up on the Touch is an ancient EAD T 7000 Mark III. Keep in mid that it was $2500 back in 1996.
The interface of the touch is more than worth the time spent ripping discs. Enjoy it.
Hey Meadowman,

I'm in the same boat: looking into DACs for the Touch. Seriously considering a Bryston BDA-1. What other DACs have you considered and what do you mean the EAD has a leg up? Heard it vs. others? I haven't ruled out the USB out mod, but it does scare me too!