Need to replace meter lights with leds Carver amp

I have a Carver tfm 35x with the meter light burned out. I have ordered bulbs. But I would prefer led lights. Does anyone know how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm assuming the bulb you are try to replace is of the incandescent variety. First thing to determine is if the bulb is running on A.C. or D.C. If it's running on A.C. voltage, it becomes a bigger issue. L.E.D.'s want to run on D.C. not A.C. Next, you would have to determine what D.C. voltage the bulb is running at. You would need to install a current limiting resistor in series with the L.E.D. or it will fail as soon as voltage is applied. You might want to call Carver as they might have a conversion kit for this unit.
Failing the call to Carver,
You could always measure the voltage.
A diode in series, with a dropping resistor may work? Online calculators will allow you to determine the correct resistor.....1/4watt is probably good enough.
A guy on eBay used to sale led lights for Carver amps. They were easy to install as I recall. I used them in my Carver 15cb amp. The look of meter lights were brighter and whiter looking than the original bulbs.