Need to replace aged Arcam AVR 600----looking for suggestions

as per title---need suggestions for hi quality, surround sound receiver---I understand the NEW Arcam's are very good--the 20 and 30--thoughts on these and or other models/brands?  Arcam always had superior sound than some of the other brands mass marketed.  I use unit to switch between 
TV, TT, CD/DAC, DVD---power is Conrad Johnson--Pre amp and Power amp--   Thanks!  
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Anthem, without a doubt.

HT is at the core of their business and their ARC is fabulous.
+1 Anthem if it’s in your budget.  If not, I pitted the Arcam directly against the Yamaha Aventage and found the Yammy to be superior in imaging, soundstage, and overall transparency so that’d be my recommendation if Anthem is too pricey.  Anthem and Yamaha also tend to be the most reliable AVRs as well.  Best of luck. 
I don't know much about Anthem other than I've heard good reports.  When I purchased my ARCAM integrated amp two years ago, I looked at all the reviews and spoke to many audiophiles who told me the ARCAM was expensive but the best overall integrated AMP.  Too each his own.  I really like my ARCAM.  The newer models are even better with built in DAC's. I bought my on Ebay.  It had been used about 18 times by an audiophile store. $6,000 retail and hard to find a good deal.  I paid $4,800.  So shop around if you want an ARCAM.  Might get lucky like me. 
I am the dissenter.  I don't care for the Arcam House sound that I've heard from their DACs and and Integrated Amp in the past.  It's smooth but thin, narrows off the edges, just not satisfying.  I much prefer Anthem, especially with their ARC.
I also had a major issue about a year ago with Arcam CS, which was non existent