Need to replace a Denon PD-23F power switch?

Just wanted to share;
I have a Denon DP-23F TT that had the power switch go out. I opened the turntable and unscrewed the switch from the base but didn't cut the wires so I could test it myself; I ran a screwdriver across the contacts and the TT worked. I took apart the switch but couldn't get it to work. Then I started to look for a power switch online; Denon didn't have any but I found a couple online; 1 site wanted $16 plus shipping; someone ebay had recently sold a switch for a DP-23F but had for sale salvaged switches from various brands. What I noticed was that the Denon DP-7F and a couple of Kenwood TT had identical switches (surprise, surprise); $1.95 plus $3 shipping thought was great & if it didn't work then I'm out $5. I ordered the DP-7F power switch.
I gave it a try; checked the contacts to be sure it would work with the DP-23F and it did.
No real surprise to a lot of you but maybe this info can help

I’m guessing it’s a tv-3 or sw-3 switch. single pole, two leads, push button, two screw mount switch...

common as grass.

tv-5 will work fine as well. Just about any old amp that has a push button power switch is of the same design and mount. ie, a 50 wpc integrated/receiver from 1975 to 1999 will generally have a tv-5 for a push button power switch. old push button powered cd players/changers will have the tv-3. Any yamaha/kenwood/denon/etc will do!

Find the local scrap pile or repair shop,and you’ll get one in minutes. That is, if time is an issue.