Need to replace a BAT VK200 amp with a smaller and lighter but with equal sound quality.

Need recommendations for a smaller and lighter amp to replace a BAT VK 200 amp which is  very good . The BAT is 100 RMS, and weighs close to 70 lbs, It has become unmanageable to move or clean in a component rack.  New amp must be at least equivalent or better in sound quality. 

For the record, the pre-amp is a Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE

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@sunnyjim ... here’s the link

I just got one, and think it sounds awesome. Also, it’s lighter and smaller than the VK-200.
Have you had any problems with the VK 225SE?  Higher noise levels Slight Volume change?  I have a BA- VK 43SE and just got a demo VK 225SE.  Am very happy with the sound but I now have been noticing the problems I stated above.

At first when I first got the Vk 225SE the noise level was very low.  Didn't have a problem with slight volume drops every now and then ether.
I was thinking of the Mcintosh MC152 Amp Which I love as well.  Much more refined Amp.  But BAT works real well with BAT.  More of a deeper bass response wit the VK225SE.  Perhaps slightly too much bass.  
What scares me about the Mcintosh MC152 Amp Is the weight 75 pounds.  The thing is a beast.  But it's a very refined amp.