Need to repair Hafler 9505 - Any suggestions?

I moved into a new home a year or so ago and the 9505 was packed up for about a year before I got around to hooking it up. I connected the amp to my trusty Mirage M5si turned it on and heard a nasty pop from one speaker. Unfortunately it blew both 6.5" drivers on the speaker, which I've since replaced. Also one side of the amp is dead.

I live in Columbus NJ. Anyone know a good place to get this amp repaired?


Call the phone number at the bottom of this page: ( Rockford build the amp, and they've still got some of the correct MOSFET pairs to repair it properly(They DID anyway). Mine lost a channel and they replaced the ouputs a couple years ago. Did the same exact thing a month later, and then they found out the main board was bad. They charge a flat repair rate, and you get a warranty to back up the repair. Thus my second repair was gratis. It would have been nice if they had found the problem the first time, but- they were convinced the problem was a shorted speaker. I use my 9505 to drive my transmission line woofers, and the amp had sucked the coil to the bottom of the magnetic gap and held it there for however long it took me to jump up and turn the amp off(both times). They did an excellent job the second time, no issues now. Just fast, articulate bass.
Go to, cliclk on "Tech Support", then click on "Warranty Centers". Find the one closest to you and ship the amp to them.
John Hillig at Musical Concepts repaired mine recently. Excellent work by the master of Hafler mods.