Need to Re-tip my Cartridge

I would like to send my cartridge to Van Den Hall for a re-tip, I have been on their web site looking for an e-mail address or phone number to contact them with no luck. Does anyone have any information on how I can contact them?
You have to do it with Van Den Hul distributor in your area. This is how it works. 
To get to the nearest distributor I can find I would have take a plane. I cannot see mailing the cartridge to a dealer and have them mail it to Van Den Hul and Van Den Hul mail it to the dealer and the dealer mail it back to me. I am sure it would be worth it but I would rather not do that. Can you recommend another company that can do a good job on a re tip.

I have used both of these companies and had excellent results from each one. SoundSmith will take a little longer, but Peter does great work. Andy is also very good and doesn’t seem to take as long.

Some will tell you that unless the original manufacturer works on the cartridge, it won’t come back as such. I’ve had well over a dozen carts redone by the (2) companies above and they have all been returned sounding as good if not better than before.

Thank you, That is just what I need, I will e-mail them.
Thanks again


All my repairs and re-tips are done by Axel Schurholz but I just

bougth an Nakamichi MC 1000 which is re-tiped by ''Expert

Stylus& Cartridge.Co'' (uk) with Paratrace stylus glued in the

original beryllium cantilever. First class job. Not cheap (+/-$400)

but  every ''pennyworth''.  

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I want to thank all you guys for your help, it is greatly appreciated.