Need to purchase a Phono Pre for Dynavector 20XH

Ok, I like to try various pieces of gear etc. I am in need now for a phono pre for my Dynavector 20XH high output Cartridge. It is 2.8Mv
I think I prefer one that is either MM/MC and I can change load etc. Better give me some flexibilty as I know myself all to well and next month it will probably be changing cartridges. I don't want to be removing the top any longer, I want to change from the front or rear.
Tube or solid state, open to suggestions.
If it matters it is with a Rega P5 with RB700 arm.
I use a Mark Levinsion 383 Integrated, and my speakers are Usher 6371.
New or used ! I prefer buying from audiogon members for one.
I hate to state a budget as this might limit the suggestions. But if we need one, lets say around $1500.00 give or take.
I am without right now and want to make a purchase soon.
Thanks for your input,
Well, the Heed Quasar fits all your criteria except for not taking off the lid. Four screws. No biggie. Sounds great.
Check out the ( Audiogon ) Minimax phono ....2 year warranty ...Great value...
The Dynavector P75 MKII will work great with your cartridge. But if you want to take it to another level try thr Sim Audio LP5.3
It will be with you a long time before you feel the need to upgrade. You can find them used here for around $1K, but can buy online and get free 30 day trial to make your decision from
If you can stretch it to $2000, get the K&K Audio SE. I used one with a Dynavector 20XL and it worked great. Uses low cost quality tubes and the load switch is on the rear panel. Quietest phono stage I've had in my system.
At the dirt cheap range, the Cambridge 640p. At about your budget price range, the Sutherland Ph3d. I've tried both with my Scout and Dynavector 10x5 and was not disappointed.
How about the Musical Surroundings Phenomena at $600? You can adjust loading and gain completely to fine detail, and it sounds better than you would think. I have one with a LinnLP12 and Lyra Dorian.