Need to match a receiver to Spendor S5e

I happened upon a deal on some Spendor S5es that was too good to pass up. Now I'm running them with a Harmon Kardon AVR125 and they need some more power to really open up. Any suggestions on a A/V receiver that matches well with the Spendors?

Usage is 60/40 music to HT, although I do run my TV-viewing audio through the receiver. Budget is about $1300 for new, but would prefer somewhat lower than $1k to go used. Receivers I've looked at are NAD T763, Rotel RSX-1056, and Denon 3806/2807. All seem to have their pros and cons, all of which I can live with - but would like to know if any of these, or other suggestions, would be a good match for the Spendor sound.

Music listening is primarily jazz and rock - with Dave Matthews Band, Sting, and U2 about as hard as it gets.
the nad is a nice match
You'll need more power than any of those provide. If you must use a receiver, try an Arcam AVR300 with the 6/7th channels bi-amped.

I briefly powered a pair of S5e with a RSX-1055 and the sound was anemic at best. Even with more power I didn't find them the most dynamic sounding of speakers, so perhaps they may never open up for you.
I have the Denon 3805 hooked up to a very similar load - the Totem Rainmaker - and there are dynamics to spare, far from anemic. There is plenty of power in that amp to make them disappear.
Thanks for everyone's responses.

In general, what does one look for in matching a receiver to speakers? While I know the Spendors have a "warm" sound, should I look to pair them with a "warm" receiver? Or should I go with something a little cleaner/brighter? I've seen the NAD characterized as being on the warm side, while the Denon and Rotel are more in the neutral area.

Of course, everybody's taste is different - but I wondered if there were any "general" guidelines to go by...
You hit the nail on the head... everybody's taste is different. You can also use cables to change the sonic signature after buying speakers and receiver.
Might want to get a stereo amp for the spendors, and get another speakers for Home Theatre - you don't have to spend very much - even Athena speakers for $160 would be ok for it.

This way, you will get the most out of the fine Spendors. Try to get a wide current amp - a powerful one, like 100 watts per ch. There are many to choose from. I think you will be happier with the music sound this way.

I originally tried to run my S5e's off of a Creek 5350se (original run). I was shocked that they sounded marginal at best compared to my old pair of Tannoy M5's.

Then I upgraded to a Simaudio Moon I5.3. The difference was stunning. The S5e's need a LOT of power, but when they get it they literally sing. I have spent hours just sitting in awe of the sound.

I would try an AVR300 if possible, of all the recievers in that range, this one has the best chance of running them. Let us know what you find out!
Any thoughts about biamping these Spendors with the combination of an Arcam Diva A90 and a P85 in a two channel system?
I've never heard biamping work well with this class of equipment. Sure it sounds different, and arguably better, but for the extra price and hassle it's better to just buy a better (single) amp in the first place, or use the extra money to upgrade the source components instead.