Need to Know More Full Range Drivers Brands...

Need to Know More Full Range Drivers Brands...

Hello to all, 

I would like to know more full range drivers brands besides Fostex, is important that they fit on my budget, 1100 dollars total, with super tweeters included is a nice price range for me, I can stretch the budget a little more....

If it's a brand that also provides enclosures plans will be great, also to know more japanese brands will be nice.

Important: they must have be dealers in Japan, as I can get better deals ordering from there. (a friend can bring as gift, mail order is not possible for me, crazy tax issues and etc)

Many thanks everybody!

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Nice website with various types of designs enclosures, as well various speakers drivers types and brands
Try for tons of drivers.  

I built Merrill Zigmahornets and love them.  You can find the plans online.  They will take almost any 4 inch driver.