Need to improve my CD Changer - is that possible?


I know that CD/DVD changers are scorned at but I do have one and I guess am stuck with it(Sony 400 CD Changer). I want to improve the quality if that is possible. Will adding a DAC improve the quality? If so which DAC should I go for. Budget isn't high - maybe $250 - $400 but let's say a DAC that is the best value for the money. The Sony CD changer does have a Digital Out (but no optical out).

The reason I went for the CD changer is to store the cds and forget them, instead of changing the cds in a single cd changer. I do own better cd players like the Jolida JD-100 and a Teac Reference cd player. But again the idea is to have a load it and forget it path. In fact I am even thinking of buying the Sony 400 DVD changer (either the regular or the ES model), put the cds in the form of DVD-MP3. Purists may scoff at the idea but I have realized that I listen more from the Sony CD changer. Nowadays don't have the time that I used to have for doing critical listening.

So in short - will DAC help? if so which one? and finally the idea of buying a sony dvd-changer for DVD-MP3 - could this route also be improved by adding dac or other means?

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One of the guys in my group bought the Scott Nixon DAC.


Scroll down the page until you see images of the fully assembled products he offers (assuming you have no interest in a kit) and have a look at Tube DAC +.

This sells fully assembled for $475.00. We have listened to it on a couple of our systems and It's excellent for the money. Certainly an upgrade over the stock Sony.

Later, should you decide to purchase another changer or single play CD, you can keep the DAC+ and enjoy with your new gear. All this assumes your Sony has a digital coax output.
Albert - Thanks for the information. Unfortunately my Sony doesn't have a coax only an digital - TOS. Any other DAC that you can recommend?

Harry, that's a tough one, I cannot think of another choice at this moment. Maybe another Audiogoner will chime in.

Are there no CD changers with coax so you can have it both ways?
Thanks again folks.

Dalton - you are right on the Sony DVD changer, which currently is in my wish list. The Sony 400 CD changer that I have unfortunately doesn't have the coax out. May be the newer ones have.
I just want a good DVD - CD changer (5-6 disc) period. My short list is Marantz, NAD, and HELP. Seems like wide gap where you buy cheap $150 changer, or add DVD-A or SACD (which I don't want to get as 1 disc Arcam 79 does that). I want quality and convenience (WHAT A CONCEPT), which seems missing in DVD changers as I value the sound in movies, NOT using DVD player as CD player.

Very open Minded so chat away with my thanks,

i just bought an onkyo dv-cp702 6 disk changer $189. it has both digital coaxial and optical outputs. it is replacing my yamaha cdc-635 i have been using for 13 years now ($350).

i was going to get the onkyo 1 disk player thinking it would be better but two different clearks recomended the changer. as much as i like to keep it simple changers are nice.

the onkyo seems to be more bright than my old player, but my speakers are known for being bright. i do not know if the new players are better than the older ones i just needed a (not junk) dvd player.
how about the benchmark DAC? there is a thread on it somewhere...great reviews and very reasonable pricing