need to hook up plasma to hd box

currently have this archaic plasma that came w/ RGBHV MALE (to tv) VGA MALE

now i want to hook this up to my hd box via DVI (male) or component video (male)

so i need:

1) vga (male) --> vga (female) adapter + dvi (male) dvi (male)
2) rgbhv (male) component video (male) ..does this exist?
3) rgbhv (male) dvi (male) ..does this exist?

other options?

your advice greatly appreciated
RGBHV is "analog" and DVI is digital, so no cable will connect the two... I suspect a box converter is going to be expensive. The HV refer to separate horizontal and vertical sync cables. I think normal "component" is sync on green or something like that... You might try seeing what happens just using RGB->RGB and leaving the HV open; the plasma may be smart enuf to find the sync. You might also try the plasma forum at Those guys do video like A'gon does audio... obsessively.