Need to hide cables

I'm looking for a rack that has cable management features that enable me NOT to be looking at a rats nest of cable
everytime I listen to music !
I don't care what it looks like, how it sounds or anything else but not looking at cables.
My limit is about $1500 .
Salamander Synergy audio racks come with a back panel to hide all the wiring. Sanus makes racks with built in cable management.
When you say cable management features, what did you have in mind? Is it that you don't want to see the cables from your listening position or is the back of you current rack visible? Also, what kind of cables do you have? You may have to take into account how stiff they are.
Are you sure you don't care what it ends up sounding like, for the sake of how it looks? If you have some unshielded cables positioned parallel and tight up against each other, there might be some unwanted repercussions.

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What Nonoise said X 10(even if your cables are shielded).
I think you are being short-sided in your thinking. Turn down/off the lights and just enjoy the music. Cables are just another component that you can show off, do not sacrifice sound for cosmetics.
I know how to position and isolate cables.I listen to classical music 5-6 hours a day, every day. Run 5 thick power cables and 3 pairs of MIT CVT 2 IC's with CVT-2 bi-wire SC.
Plus Morrow TT cable.3 power cables to PS audio Dectet,
Every thing is on two Salamander Archtype 3 shelf racks side by side with amp on custom floor stand.
Don't want to see any cable from the front save those on amp.
Yeah, Schubert--you go, dude!!!

Wish I could listen that much--maybe someday...?

Good luck in your search for the cable solution.
If you have the space, maybe pulling the rack out a bit into the room to better position the cables. If space is a consideration, somehow fastening or anchoring them to points on the wall with ties of some sort.

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I like my rack as it has a medium wide metalscreen going up the back. I zip tie all the powercords to it all the way up to where they turn to go into the equipment.
Then the interconnects i allow to hang naturally. Now if I wanted, i would have all the powercords zip tied to one side of the screen,and the interconnects to the other.

Agree about having a movable rack (on wheels,) as that allows a LOT of finesse to be done. Where trying to reach behind is half impossible to do any cable management.

Personally My main rack is away from the wall near my seat. And the video is turned a bit so CAN get behind at leat from one side.
It really really makes everything easier if you can actually get behind your rack easy.

So I say make certain it has wheels, or you can place it so you can reach behind iit easily.

Depending on depth of equipment and the heat it generates, you could use a piece of black cloth the same height and width of the rack attached to be back of the rack with Velcro, with slits in the cloth for routing cables. Then the cables would be behind the cloth, and all you would see is a black background behind the equipment. I have seen this done and it will definitely hide the cables.
Your current racks are pretty good. I think you may be able to work with them and not have to buy new. Here's 2 possible solutions for you. The first is to use the adjustments on your racks. If you are able to move the shelves up high enough, the shelf above the one you are moving up should block out everything but the face of the component. I know that may or may not work for you given any number of factors. The other thing you may want to try is Tls49's idea. I just noticed it. I was going to recommend something similar (Possibly get a piece of wood, or similar construction material, paint it black and cut it to the size of the entire opening on the shelf. Then put that behind the component. You would need to cut out the bottom portion of the piece you make to let the cables pass but if placed it very close to the rear of the component, you shouldn't see the cut out.). While my idea would work, I think it would be a lot easier to do it Tls49's way. Its just a much cleaner solution. Since your racks have open sides, it may also help to treat them with cloth as well.

I just thought of 1 last thing. If your MIT's are white, consider getting some cable dressing. (I think that's the correct term.) Its just flexible black plastic tubing with a cut in it lengthwise. It slips over the cable. It shouldn't have any effect on sound quality.
I used a similar arrangement to what TLS49 recommends and it worked very well. And it cost me all of about $15 to implement...

Thanks Tis49. I'll think I'll try that solution.
Elizabeth, I had things that way at one time but I thought long IC's to the amp degraded sound, maybe I just didn't have good enough Ic's .

Schubert, glad to help, and hope it works for you.