Need to Downsize: Small Speaker Recommendation

Hi all,

I've had the Thiel 6's for many years and love them but moving to a much smaller space and they are just too big Have them paired with the Sonic Frontier 3 monoblocks and a Conrad Johsnson tube pre-amp. I've traded up in the Thiel line over 30 years so really love their sound (could do with a bit more bottom end but love the sound overall so i have stuck with them). So, looking for recommendations for small (even bookshelf) speakers. I realize i may have to get rid of the amps as well but for now want to start by identifying a pair of speakers i can live with.

Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations.
Check out the Dynaudio Confidence C1's.
You can't go wrong with version 1 or 2.

The Dynaudio C1 might be a good speaker for you.

You didn't give your budget or your new room size.
what is your speaker budget? Prefer new, used, or don't care?

approx. room size in your new digs?

cables remain the same also? if so, please identify.
Thanks for the initial responses. Like Richard Dreyfuss says to the car dealer in Tin Men when asked how much he wants to spend, my answer is $1.00.

Seriously though, i would be willing to spend up to $5,000 or $6,000 if i had to but would prefer if i can get away with something in the $3,000 range. I am fine with buying used speakers (my Thiel 6's were used) and actually prefer it in many ways as i get a lot more bang for my buck buying from people with far more money than i have and who need the next new toy every couple of years.

Two recommendations i've already received (though haven't heard either yet) are the Totem Fire's and the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor's.

I have a pair of Cardas cables (don't remember which ones) and would like to keep if possible but if i need to change those too i will (if not immediately than will plan for it).
Look at Shelby+Kroll Nano monitors and matching Woofer Monitors. Nice stuff I have had mine for 3 years and like what they do. If your in NJ stop by for a listen.

check out B&W 805D. Will be a nice match for your CJ pre-amp.
Otherwise, Dynaudio C1 or CII signature will be a sonic match for your Cardas cables. Keep us posted. Happy Listening!
Check out the ProAc line.
Since you are accustomed to time-coherent speakers, you should consider monitor speakers from Green Mountain Audio.
Green mountain would be a terrible choice.

PMC twenty.21 or twenty.22
Dynaudio Focus 160
Harbeth compact 7
Proac D2

Any of these will give superb results.
How can you not have room for a 12X12 inch foot print?
Have a look at the Reynaud Bliss Silver.
My two cents...

Revel M106
Totem Mani 2
Opinions on speakers are always subjective so since you asked, I'll give you mine. Seriously consider stand-mounted Sonus Faber speakers. They offer amazing sound quality, much bigger sound than you would expect from their small size. If dynamics are important to you then you will love Sonus Faber. I have lived happily with my SF Electa Amators for more than twenty years, and I'll never sell them. They retailed for around $6,000 new (including dedicated stands) but I see them for $2-3,000 now. Also, if you ever need to sell them in the future, Sonus Faber speakers don't last long on the used market.
in the 3k range based on your likes of the Thiels I would consider the Reference 3A De Capo ..coherent...revealing...good will have to add for a stand...also this speaker is efficient so you could get away with a smaller amp as well...I have really enjoyed listening to this speaker over the years...I have not heard the new BE version....
Fritz speakers... look at website
I haven't heard these and am not aware of your budget but Srajan over at 6moons went ga-ga over these:

They are small enough to look like desk top speakers but apparently can fill a medium sized room with wonderful sound. There's also an SE version that I think goes for the same price. The difference depends on the bass you want.

Good luck in your search.

All the best,
If you can use stand-mounts, consider either Celestion SL700 or Spica TC-50. Both can be found from time to time listed on A'gon.
What about those Bose cubes?

I'm just kidding!!! ;)
Are you *sure* the Thiels will not work in the new space? If I was in your shoes, I'd at least try them there and then make your decision.

If they turn out to not work, you might consider some Gallo Ref. 3.1s or 3.5s. They have a smaller footprint, exceptionally coherent sound, and fall well within your budget. Almost all of their reviews have been gushing, and I really love my 3.1s...

The Sonus faber Cremona Auditor Ms are discontinued and being offered for less than $3000/pair w/o the stands. Take a minute to research these - you won't be disappointed.
Used Joseph Audio Pulsars might be a good choice as they're pretty tube friendly and image very well, which I'm sure is a strength in your Thiels. My only concern is they could overwhelm a small room depending on how small. Best of luck.
Joseph Audio Pulsars used great speaker.
I would explore the world of active studio monitors. You can keep your preamp and sell the amps and speakers. ATC and PMC can take you anywhere you can afford to go. Focal and Neumann offer excellent but somewhat more affordable options. These products are serious tools of the recording industry and will more than hold their own against audiophile toys. Check into it.
A lot of recommendations and yet we have no idea what the room size, or shape that potentially will be used here. Not much to go on...
There two separate pairs of Dynaudio Confidence C1s with Dynaudio stands listed in the A-gon classifieds right now. One pair are Signature Mk II in Bordeaux wood finish; the others are Series 1 in piano black. Both are within your budget.

Also, the Joseph Audio Pulsars sure look like another good candidate. The Stereophile measurements of the C1 and Pulsar are very similar in most parameters including very low cabinet resonances, linear and extended frequency response, dispersion pattern, and even step response.

The Pulsars have a true 8-ohm impedance where the C1s are 4 ohm. However, I also read the test of the Sonic Frontier 3 monoblocks and they perform well into 4 ohms as long as the internal connections are set to 4 ohm. The Stereophile review mentions this; it's evidently user-settable.
+1 on the LS50s, Fritz Speakers and the Josephs.

Try the LS5os or Fritz and then see if you feel like you need anything more.

Both deserve all the praise they get.
Jaxwired, just wondering about your reaction to Green Mountain Audio speakers above. I have been considering a pair for my room. I have never heard them, but have liked the time and phase coherent speakers I have heard and thought they would be worth a try in my room. Is it because of how they would mate with his electronics, his room, or because you just don't like the way they sound? Input is appreciated.
I must first say that I have for sale a pair of Triangle Celius here on Audiogon. BUT, they are the least expensive speakers to my knowledge that received Class A rating. The more you through at them, the better they sound. Major bang for the buck. Small footprint too. Joe
Kef Ref 201/2 are great speakers which dont use much cube. Might also check out Tyler Audio line. He has a broad range of "monitor" speakers in various sizes that are excellent. He flies under the radar so many have not heard of him. For much smaller but still pretty amazing speakers, Paradigm Singature series speakers S1 and S2 are very impressive. I have listened to all of these and are trying to determine myself which direction to go as speakers to augment my Ohms and Spendors.
Agree with SF Cremona Auditor M.
Also listen to some ATC. 12sl for sale here at $850; larger models are better but much more expensive.
SF Extremas second hand are a possibility. I think 2nd hand you might find a pair within your budget.
Okay, since everyone is recommending what they like or have, I'll dive in and +1
Rello's recommendation of the Reference 3A De Capo. Extremely coherent, great imagers, good bass for a stand mount and they are very easy to drive.
I can say I've listened to many very good monitors and I've settled on the Green Mountain Audio Callistos and have not had the urge to change speakers since. I'm sure the newer Green Mountain monitors are even better.

I use them in a smaller room about 15 x 13.
I run them with a 30 watt per channel hybrid Pathos amp and it powers them very easily as the Green mountains are very efficient.
They are very fast detailed and have excellent depth and voice reproduction.
Volent VL2 or Usher BE-718's

Others I've owned and in all cases like the above two over...Merlin MME, Spendor S3a, Spendor S5a.

Others I've heard and I would investigate further include Evolution Acoustic Model 1 (I believe), Rahdio, Wilson Benesch

Certainly others mentioned are good, but I haven't owned them to comment.
I recently began to build a bedroom system. I brought in two monitors, Coincident Triumph Extreme IIs and Ref 3A deCapo Be's for evaluation. To make a long story short, I like both of these monitors. The Coincidents were so good I kept them for my main system, and sold my Magnepan 3.7Rs. They are excellent speakers- superbly articulate and the best coherence I have ever heard. They pair well with SS and tube (Cary 500.1MB and Coincident Frankensteins). I will say that in my experience, they enjoy some space out from the back wall.

I did not like the deCapos nearly as well driven by solid state, but they really respond well to driving with the Frankensteins. I intend to hang on to them for my bedroom system. I will say that they lack the Coherence of the Coincidents. The excellent Be tweeter is faster and more articulate than the other driver. I have no trouble distinguishing between the two drivers. They are slightly to the warm side of neutral. That can be very appealing in the right situation (like a bedroom system). I have not yet tried them up close to the front wall, so I don't know how sensitive to positioning they are.

I've had Maggies for the last 24 years. I was floored by what really good monitors could do. I have the Coincidents paired with a couple of subs, have a great preamp, a couple of good sources, and the Frankenstiens are just magic. My point is that if you do things right, you will have no regrets about the change.
Actually, speaking of Maggies, the Maggie MMG is an excellent speaker...and if you wish to add a sub...tremendous sound for the cost and size. There is a pretty cool demonstration on youtube of this done by Magnepan at a show where they put a curtain around the whole system and ask people to guess what's back there...