need to down size to monitors

I recently moved into a place with a much smaller living room(15'x15')with a usable space of (11x11')due to as a result my floor standing speakers (axiom audio m60)don't have enough room and look huge.I would like to get some monitors on stands. They need to be easy to place i.e. close to walls have good bass say down to about 40hz. I don't have room for a sub any more either. I listen mostly to classic rock and rock and I am getting into some acoustic folk.My budget is around $2000.
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Good for Rock, but will do acoustic music well too:

Revel M22
PSB Synchrony One B
Dynaudio DM2/8 (old style monitor with big woofer)
Dynaudio Excite X16
Totem Acoustic Model-1 Signature
Revel M22 are getting my vote. You will need a decent amp to make them sing.
Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne loudspeakers. I think they are due out this month.
Proac Studio 100 or D2 , Paradigm Signature S2, Usher BE718
Maybe Merlin might fit your needs as well.
Small footprint floor standers like Totem Arro or OHM Microwalsh might be worth a look.
Depends on your Amp, the Mark & Daniels are pretty good.

check out 6moons for the Mini+ review.
You may want to consider a used pair of Tyler Linbrook Signatures... they are large stand monitors, but have bass down to -3db at 35hz. They should be around your price range.

The Merlins already mentioned are also superb speakers. They won't go as low as the Tylers, but have excellent resolution, IMO.
PMC DBi. if the small footprint units like Mapman suggested are a possibility than the smallest unit (GBi I think?) may work. May be too expensive though the DBi is in your range easily. Lots of good choices listed above. the pmc units leapt to mind as they are front ported with the transmission line thingy and you mentioned a wall concern. Myself I'm not sure about the porting sensitivity issue. I have some era D5 units that I'm really happy with and while they are rear ported I cant hear any difference at all until they are within one foot from the back and a few inches on the side. typical ymmv of course.
There are no finer sounding monitors than VMPS 626R's with auricaps, fst ribbon tweeter, sound deadening, and megawoofers. The clarity and dynamics will amaze you along with the beauty of the sound. They can go within 1 ft. of the rear wall but will sound even better away from the rear wall. The speakers are 24" H, 10" W, and 13" D and weigh about 56 lbs. The cabinet walls are more than 1" thick mdf.
I think in your budget Totem Mani2 is the winner.
I went from Thiel 3.6's to Focal Be 1007's about three years ago and have been very pleased with them. Listen mostly to Classic Rock(Zeppelin, Floyd, Nirvana) , Classical(Symphonic Works) and Jazz (Female Jazz Vocals, Krall, Barber) . I power them with a Cary SLI-80F1 and even with the amp in Triode mode (4o wpc) they will blow you out of the room with volume and bass. Not sure they fit your budget though (Used).

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PMC's monitors are not front ported. They work well close to a wall (the DB1+ had wall brackets optional, not sure about DB1i).

Linn's current Majik monitor works very well against a wall and sounds excellent. Not sure about bass depth though.

Totem Arros work very well in a room that size, depending on what's driving them.

I listen to mainly classic rock, alt rock, and metal. I own Audio Physic Yara Evolution bookshelves. The need some space behind them, but they should work very well in a room that size. My old room wasn't much bigger. Not sure about bass measurements, but it goes low enough and tight enough for me to not want the hassle of integrating a sub.
Matched to the right electronics sonot too hot on the top end, I like the Totem mani's very much.
You might consider a slender floorstanding speaker. The Focal 816v retails for $2,000 and is very impressive. It really takes up the same amount of space as the bookshelf speakers in the series since the base on the stands is almost identical to what the floorstanders have.

I just looked up your speakers and there might not be much difference.

The Focal 807v speakers are fairly impressive and retail fro $1,425 I believe. If you're in the Seattle area I can point you to a store that has a sale going right now.
If your intention is to put the monitors on stands you won't gain much real estate. A couple of inches depth wise is all you'll get. Stick with small floorstand speakers.
Dynaudio DM 2/8 or 2/10. The 2/10 has great bass due to the 9.5" woofer, easily hits 40Hz in a medium sized room. Both models are a great buy for the money.
Go with a set of Small Infinity SM speakers.
Or go with Klipsh.
Thank You everyone you have given me a lot of homework.It should be a lot of fun.