Need to choose NAD 326BEE or Marantz PM 8004

I need to choose between the NAD 326BEE or Marantz PM 8004. I realize the Marantz is twice as much but is it the better sounding unit.?? Price is not always a judge I have heard the 326 (very musical) but have not heard the Marantz. I realize systems are different but has anyone compared these two?? Thanks,KIG
Why not the 375? I used to have the 317, which I bought new in around 1997 or 98. The worst thing I ever did was sell it. That integrated was totally amazing for the mere $800 I paid for it. No matter what i own it wil always be my favorite because it was with me when I was really turning up the volume. I can't hear any more but it was worth the memories (at least now it is). I love NAD gear. I'm not sure about Marantz as I've never had the pleasure.
Virtue, Dayens, or Rega would deliver better value for your dollar. I don't care much for the NAD or Marantz sound.