Need to choose a good A/V Pre/pro

For 3 yrs I've been using the EAD Theatermaster Signature and have been quite happy with its sonic qualities. As in all electronics it is now becoming obsolete lacking many of the new formats and can't be upgraded. So I am looking for a new A/V processor/preamp. First I was really into buying the ML No.40 and never have any second thoughts. But then I started to feel that its unbelievably high price is just not worth it, because there are some very good ones out there with mostly 1/3 of the No.40's cost.

Now, I am considering the new EAD TM Studio with new TI technology

then BAT AV-10

and maybe the BelCanto PRePro

These all should cost somewhere between 10-15K and all should be very good equipment eventhough none is shipping at the moment.

What do you think I should do? Whichone of them will have the most advantages?

You use to be able to upgrade the EAD Signature to the current 8.1, the cost was $1700 or $2800 hundred... basically most of the boards are changed... I have a Signature also and it is going to be hard to replace it because it does 2 channel audio so well.

Good luck
May want to look into the Proceed AVP2. It uses the same software as the ML40 (same DACs, although half as many, since it's not dual-differential topology.)
Hey Muratc,

If you were looking to spend as much as it took to get the best pre/pro, take a look at the Boulder pre/pro. I just read about it on the Boulder website and it seems to be a heavy weight contender. I don't know much about Boulder except the word of mouth about the high performance and quality of their amps. If the pre/pro is anything like the amps, look out. They will be available summer 2003, I'm looking forward to its arrival. This will give me something to shoot for instead of going for another Krell. Good luck and happy hunting......John