Need to buy used integrated about 800 dollars

I have a NAD c372, whose power capacitors shorted.
This issue is a known potential problem within a certain production period.
United Radio in Syracuse currently has it for repair approval, their tech also stated that they were familiar with the issue.
The cost is about four hundred dollars to replace the four capacitors at about 50 dollars each plus labor.
I have come to expect even modest solid state units to last well over 10 years, but I con't feel confidant regarding this unit.
I see here, at Audiogon, a number of used integrateds under $1,000 that may be a better choise.
Whatever unit I end up with will be used to monitor in a studio mastering room. In other words, normal program material as opposed to tracking/recording where possible danage to equipment can happen from sudden high level sources.
Signal chain is computer files out, to pro audio sound card, to Benchmark DAC1 to whatever integrated I end-up with to a pair of Von Schweikert VR-2.
I would apprediate thw advice of the knowledgeable folks here, thank you.
Sounds like you might need some professional gear.Just a thought.
Hi Tpreaves:

Thanks for the responce.
For sure I'm aware of you suggestion.
However, for my tastes and purposes regarding "Pro", that would mean, initially a power amp.
Most pro power amps don't suit my tastes for fidelity, plus I'd have to add a pre-amp - not because I can't interface the outputs of the DAC1 to a power amp, but I have needs that require other sources to interface at the power amp for client source, etc.
I just find that a decent low cost integrated sounds better.
Anyway, I hope to get some recommendations here.
I see several units for sale here... Opera, Marantz, etc, so we'll see if I can get some feedback.
Thank you,
those nad amps are troublesome buggers, aren't they? just scanning through the ads i see a cary ca1 for 850 and a couple of arcam diva/arcam fmj around 600.(i love my arcam alpha). any of those would be a considerable step-up from your nad. i like the cambridge audio 840, too, though it won't sound radically different than the nad. bueno suerte.
Consider separates. See my ads for Adcom GFP-555 & GFA-555. Tons of power, built like a tank, under your budget.
I would agree with Schiss I have both (an adcom GFP-555 II & GFA-555 combo), yet If you can find a Dussun 6Vi (I'm using now as just a power amp) It is a tank that's driving my theil 2.2s.
You have some great speakers there. The VR-2 have tremendous bass response capability, but really benefit from an amp that can take control of the you tight deep bass. Too bad about your NAD, I bet it really sounded great on the bass.

You may want to spend a little more $$$ for a Krell 400 integrated amp which should be a terrific match for the VR-2....400x2 into 4 Ohms.

I've never heard Plinius, but based on reviews/reputation, that may be a great match as well.

I would stay away from the Adcom 555 pre as it was considered pretty hard sounding in the upper mids.

Good Luck.
The AdCom Triple 5 series is what.....mid/late '80s vintage?

While you can argue about sound good/bad/harsh or whatever, fact is, it is getting a little long in the tooth and would have to be priced very attractively to get around the fact it can't go much longer without a Re-Cap.

Which would put you pretty much back at the C372 level, sans explosion!

Do you like the NAD house sound? Ready to move 'up'?
OH! One other thing::
You could get something like the Onkyo A-9555 'd' integrated NEW and still come in under budget. Good reviews, reasonable build and I think it even has a phono input, not that it sounds like that's an issue. It should run cool, too, which depending on installation, may be an issue.
Thanks , everyone for all the suggestions!
1st, I never really liked the sound of the NAD c372.
It did provide power to the low frequencies, but could not control it well enough.
A lot of the monitoring I do here is in direct comparison with the actual recorded source, so I can make direct comparisons.
Also the NAD was a little edgy in the highs.
I've auditioned the old adcom 555 before and it also left me a little cold, although it suffered a little less from dynamic constraints than the NAD.
There is a seller here, that has a YBA something, I forgot, but it appears (from the top hood removed) to be well designed and from ONLY the few reviews I've read, it is claimed to be (especially for the less than 1,000 dollar price) "nice" sounding and not lacking any one thing to an obvious degree. It's 100 watts, which is good for me re: watts vs price, etc.
80 or a hundred watts, or so, wouuld be nice - in Class A!
I did notice a SS Int. from Cayin that is interesting, but I keep hearing that it is lacking in bass... I find that hard to believe, unless one states the type of monitor in use. I might even look to buy one of those used. But for sure I will not continue with NAD.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the Caylin has a pair of Low-Impedance (on XLR) inputs. A nice feature for Pro audio.
Ideally, I would like to have:
80 watts minimum, good constuction, decent-to-good sound from a company with a good customer support record and low failure rate and even class A.
It may seem a lot to ask for the price, but still, with that in mind, I know I should be able to out do the NAD in most areas.
Thanks all, again and keep your comments and suggestions comming.
What about a used YBA YA201?
A used YBA YA201, DT Integre or any Cayin integrated would be a nice choice.
Check out Music Hall, and you might have some change to spare.

Some retailers have generous return policies, if you tend to keep things a while take advantage of that and demo a few brands at home.
Maybe the Shanling A3000 that is for sale in the intergrated section would fit your needs;seems like a good deal price wise but I am not familiar with this unit and how well it may or may not mate with your speakers.
I second Music HAll MAven . Great clear and open stage 100W per channel. Superbly built.
Just a thought. Add a power amp instead of an integrated amp to your DAC1 and use its variable output to control volume. That is how I used my DAC1 fed into a tube power amp w/ amazing sonic purity.