Need to burn in IEC 2 prong adapter?

Like the CBC digital radio music from the digital TV box provided by local phone company. the digital TV box is free, but Chamber and Jazz music sounds as good as from my arcam cd72 when using good IC.

I have some good experience with Audience Powerchord for my cd player and int amp. All Sounds bigger, quieter. Therefore I want to improve digital radio music in the digital TV box by using Audience Powerchord as well. When I plug the powerchord with a IEC 2 prong adapter to the digital TV box, it sounds smaller and worse than the 2 prong standard power cord.(have to use a IEC adapter for the digital TV box)

Just wondering if I need to burn in IEC 2 prong adapter for 200 hours like cables? or I have to buy more expensive adapater than the one(X-port) I got from Audioparts?

Seen lots of debate about expensive PC. Today I picked 3 songs from a telrac classical Cd and did a Audience Powerchord and standard PC blind test when switching them to the int rotel amp. My wife picked Audience powerchord every single time for 3 songs. The improvement from cd player is even more apparent to us than the int amp.
If your adapter has the round figure 8 style termination instead of the termination with the squared end, for the cable box, you may be out of phase. "INVERTED"

The figure 8 style will go into the cable box either way...just turn the adapter around at the cable box end.

From your description it sounds like when you cross/up speaker wires (out of phase) and invert one cable, you get a congested, shrunken sound stage.

Here is some info from Chris Venhaus's web site VH Audio...

"The Cryo'd DVD-IEC adapter allows you to use standard aftermarket power cords with your DSS, DVD, or CD player. This adapter has been deep cryogenically treated at American Cryogenics for superior performance. There are TWO versions of this adapter. One has a figure "8" shape, and the ! other is identical, except one side of the figure "8" is square. The latter is used for components that require a polarized IEC.
A new version of IEC adapter is now available to fit the "cloverleaf" (C5 to C13) style IEC's"

AGAIN....try turning the adapter plug around AT THE CABLE BOX CONNECTION

HTH Dave

I think my adapter has the figure 8 style and TV box only accept figure 8 style. I turned the adapter around and it still sound small and harsh.