need tips on Integra 9.9 aV proc

Hi all.
I have an Integra DHC 9.9 proc. And am finally getting around to setting up my HT again and am at my wit’s end.

Trigger setup on Integra DHC 9.9

I’ve got a problem with remotely triggering a Butler TDB 5150 5 ch amp using the Integra DHC 9.9.

I believe the issue mainly is the Trigger setup in the integra is not correctly input as the manual isn’t terribly clear to me on the how of it so I might not have that info set correctly.

could someone please explain it better?

I can get to the page, and adjust things, but I’m not clear on which buttons to use on the rremote to engage the trigger I’ve set.

Let’s say I’m using trigger C and only to power up the Butler amp and go from there.

9.9 front panel disp has mysteriously turned itself off

I need to know how to get the front panel display working again.. NO, I haven’t used the Dimmer control on it at all.

Can’t both, the 9.9’s front panel and a HDMI display work simultaneously? Mind telling me where that setting is located?

Usually that’s not an issue but I want to setup the tuner memory with various stations and can’t see how to proceed…

Alternatively, can it be done via the Integra remote control unit?

If so, please tell me the steps I need to take.

I think I can get the station memorized but can’t see which channel to set it to in the memory as you must make a choice for that as well.
Ex. WABC 88.5 FM, set to memory ch 16.

If the front panel is unable to be used is this info displaed out to the HDMI display If one is connected?
If so, and it may well be, the print is too small for me to see well enough to memorize my radio stations properly..

I have a 32 in Sony HD display connected and it works with DVD and TV info, and of course the 9.9’s set up menus… but somehow the front panel display on the Integra went off and isn’t coming back on somehow.

Anyone with this info or a part of it can PM me if they wish, or post the steps here.
Your assistance is desperately needed, and I’m grateful for any help. Many thanks.
Alas... HT questions here lay fallow so often.

Thats a real shame.

Ok… so we’ve discovered there are no stupid questions a long time ago.
Well, maybe one now and then, but that’s all.

RE: DHC 9.9 front panel display
the front panel display comes on when you do not have your dedicated display (TV or FPJ) energized, and you touch the power sw and then either the Dimmer sw, or Display bottons of the front panel.


RE trigger
There are a couple issues surrounding the compatibility between Asian designed and built aV processors or Receivers, and associated devices or amplifiers they are supposed to trigger, apparently.

Especially if you are building a diverse HT array connecting various brands of appliances.

Ordinarily one would surmise a ‘true’ 100ma 12VDC signal should engage the outboard component or amp’s associated remote start solenoid/relay.

Well, think again.

Searching the web furiously for days I stumbled upon any number of popular brand name off shore receivers and AV controllers which exhibited sincere lack in this area. Often, projectors, and amps were the issue, though some TVs were as well unable to become energized properly. The source of these triggering errors revolved around more than merely the low amperage supply. Some were indeed recalls and others were simply pilot setup errors and the greatest bulk of these inadequacies were in the actual true level of the energy being transmitted thru the trigger interface from the initiating (controling) device. In other words, the makers said it was X volts and Z milliamps, and the truth was otherwise.

Seldom did any maker provide public notice about this concern, but often allowed during warranty periods a refurbishing of sorts to alleviate the issue should it arise in a customers situation. Albeit, they had to ship it off a lot of the time and the turn around period could be significantly extensive now and then.

The work around or obvious solution often became DIY-ing a power sup tweak to the controlling unit’s triggering array, or purchasing some after market triggering device such as the Emotiva, Niles Audio, or some other likewise remote triggering unit.

Knowing this I was cringing a lot about having to spend still more $$$ on another accessory I should not have to acquire. Lovely.

That said, I believe the issue I have is the rated 100ma signal wasn’t accurately quoted by the Integra folks, though I have yet to test it, but I will.

An Integra support tech and I went over the settings for triggers, we discovered mine was set properly prior to involving the technical aid.…

The tech couldn’t completely explain how the trigger was actuated during the process, or by which button or component function. I did find that a bit odd.

Consequently, the still unclear item is how the trigger is engaged to begin with.

Just turn on the 9.9 Proc itself?
Or merely Turn on the associated connected component?
Or merely pushing the input selector on the remote… ala, DVD; AUX 1; Cable TV; etc.

As each item above was initiated or engaged during separate trials, I strongly suspect the Integra I have doesn’t output sufficient amperage to energize the Butler TDB 5150 start relay as mentioned by Butler support.

A Butler support agent said 100ma was likely a bare minimum and above that would probgbably be required. Super. He went on to say Butler could in fact lessen the required signal strength necessary to energize the amp, were I of a mind to send it to them so they could affect the increased sensitivity tweak to the amp.

For about the same money as shipping costs the Niles Audio folks make a couple gizmos which could solve the issue, as well as does Emotiva. The Emotiva solution is far less expensive, but yields less functionality as well.

So If you’re considering an AV controller, pre owned or new, and predict you’ll be using the triggers it provides as a selling point, do some leg work and find out in advance how persnickety or synergistic it might be with the prospective amp (s) & components you will attach to it immediately or at some future date.

Thought posterity would want to know… and I hate to see threads here go without responses or solutions.
Wow, such a very thoughtful and detailed post, BlindJim - good on ya!

I used to have a Butler TDB-5150 (*great* amp, BTW) and used the trigger output from my Emotiva UMC-1 to power on/off the Butler. IIRC, I had no problems getting the Butler to respond to the UMC-1's triggers. The UMC-1 requires that the 3.5 mm connector/cable be a mono one, NOT stereo. So you might want to investigate and see if the Integra also has this requirement.

Additionally, (most of) the Integras allow you to adjust the trigger's delay. You might want to experiment with increasing the delay from 1-2 sec. to 3-4 sec. This may not have much effect since the Butler does have a "soft start" feature which limits startup inrush current - but it couldn't hurt to experiment....

Good Luck,