Need tips on best way to hook up AV system

To expand the question...I know how to hook up an entire A/V system. My question is more pertaining to things like should power cables be kept away from each other, interconnects etc. Is it best to tape use electrical tape to keep interconnects going to the same source together, or should the opposite be done...Looking for tips and answers along those lines. The goal of course is to prevent components , power cables and interconects to perform at their maximum. Thanks.
if you have a rack which allows you to tie up cables and issolate, that will probably be fine. If you don't, and your cables are all loose and hangin, and you find you have buzes and hums or distortions, etc, then you can move cables around to issolate the problem!...problem solved.
My knowledge comes mainly in my experience with data wires..CAT5. Do not coil wires, that contributes to interference in the line, and also try not to cross power cables with interconnects. If power and ICs do intersect, try to make them intersect at a 90 degree angle. keep all contacts clean and free from debris, and you should be golden.