Need Threshold, Bryston, Classe help

Who knows what the Threshold S300, 500, e series, T200 sound compared to each other. Also compared to the BRYSTON 4BST. I'm confused on the 4BST as some of what I've read says it's not open on the top or very detailed, yet Stereophile can't get enough of the 7BST monos, which I believe are the same circuit, praising their sonics to the skys. But I think we all know not to trust some of the tin-eared reviewers. I remember when PHD of TAS vaunted the AR D120 transistor amp to the skies. A friend had one & my Threshold 400A beat the pants off of it. The AR sounded so thin & anemic. I also wonder who of you has compared these amplifiers to the CLASSE, AYRE, MCCORMICK. I've been web-deprived & ignorant until recently, & I am overwhelmed by all the equipment for sale on the web. I also think alot of you audiophiles are great to give your advice so freely & in detail to help others. I plan to do the same. Love to hear from you.
I had an S/300 Series II for about eight years and replaced it almost a year ago with an S/350e. Single ended, the sound is about the same; maybe the S/350e is a little smoother. However the S/350e offers balanced inputs which seem to add a floaty, more relaxed, quality. The S/300 is class A/B and S/350e class A/AB. Biased in Class A up to the first 50 watts, naturally the S/350e runs hotter. Good luck!
I own a 4B-ST and I think its a great amp at its price point especially used prices with its great build, good sonics and the best warranty in the business. AS for how it compares - have not heard a Threshold in a long time so I would rather not say and against the Classe - the Bryston is a little more aggressive sounding. Still wonderful but can be a little lean at the top end. I changed my sound by going tube preamp and I am now in heaven. The Rogue 66 was the best and most dramatic change in components I have ever made. I would also look at the McCormack amps - I also like them very muc but here in Canada they can't compete dollar wise against home grown Classe & Bryston. Many posters say that the McCormacks are "smoother" but let your ears decide - hey, its your money....Just my 2 cents worth.