Need thoughts on if this would work or not.......

A pair of Dodd Audio 50 Watt Mono-Blocks and a pair of Revel F-30 speakers. Front end would be a Quad99 cd player and cables ( while not purchased now, but soon) would be the lower end of Purist Audio.

Would the Mono-Blocks be enough for the Revel speakers as they are : 87 dB SPL, with 2.83 V rms ??
Do you already own these speakers? If so try it and see what happens. I would think the Revels need more power..but who knows it may sound ok.The Quad is a very nice player..I haven't a clue as to how this combo would sound though. I honestly think it would be a match made in hell! LOL If you don't already own the Revels ..look else where . There are definitely better music speakers out there IMHO. The Revels seem more for an HT buff. Go ahead and break off a pair of these Veracity HT3. If they don't do anything else least they look good. :-)
You will probably need more power for these as well.
The Revel F30's are incredible speakers, especially at their used price. I used mine soley for two channel music. They will not be powered well with 50 watt monoblocks. I had the musical fidelity A308 integrated rated at 150 wpc and they could have used more power. Remember, they are a 4 ohm speaker, so the amp was actually capable of somewhere around 225 wpc. The tube monos won't double into 4 ohms. As much as I like the F30's, if you are going to keep the amps, I'd try a different speaker.
more power Igor!