Need TAD-150 Signature Preamp Owner's Manual

Folks: I need a copy of a Tube Audio Design TAD-150 Signature owner's manual. Willing to pay a reasonable fee. Thank you for your assistance.
I've purchased several components from Paul including the TAD 150 and he never provided an owners manual for anything, just some basic user instructions. The tad 150 was actually from a Chinese manufacturer whose name escapes me. Do some research I'm pretty sure you'll come up with something
Paul stated very often...There is no owners manual...he was the owners manual !
Metman is correct it was built to Pauls specs by a Chinese company called Audcom.
Yes, Dubs, you can. But your preamp should have 2 outputs - send both rights to right amp, etc. DEouble wire your speaker terminals. So you are horizontally biamping in essence.