Need System Recommendation

Hi Everyone. I’m looking for some great advice / opinions / insight in helping me choose one of the following systems. Long story on how I got to these three setups but some of it has to do with what I have access to via local dealers in Canada. I stream everything from Tidal and listen to mainly EDM, Indy, folk, hiphop, jazz. I know Dynaudio well and have owned Antipodes so leaning towards that. Never auditioned the others on this list but have heard great things and willing to buy. What do you think would give me the best sound?
1. Dynaudio Focus 60xd with Antipodes steamer/server running Roon. Connects to Dyns via digital coax.
2. NAD M33 L/R out to Goldenear Triton One.R.
3. EMM Labs MA3 balanced out to ELAC Navis ARF-51.