Need suggestions on two channel amp for ML Aerius-

I am just getting started on this incredible journey and would welcome some good direction on upgrading my existing system.

Last year after drooling for years over high end gear, I purchased ML Aerius i fronts, cinema center, Mirage OM series Omnipolar rears and a Yamaha RXV1000 receiver with a Mirage Substrata sub. My video source is a Sony 40 SBR (really nice). The salesman was honest in recommending the yamaha and told me that I really should have separates but the Yamaha should do OK for a while (budget constraints). Its been fine until I recently noticed the ML's sound like they are wrapped in wet blankets. So i purchased a B&K 4430 to beef up the front. It is working quite well but now I recognize the need to go further.

I would like suggestions on a two channel amp for the ML's while using the B&K for the center and rears. Also what pre/pro for the system. Note that I would like to keep the B&K because I got a good price on it. Also, I would consider dumping the ML's if you think there is a really good speaker out there for great two channel music as well as great multi channel HT. All the while keeping in mind that I want to go only to the next level, not the top. I'm having fun with this and would like to savor each level of improvement in sound. Currently the ML's don't sound like a good full range speaker. They are weak on midrange and bass.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts
The Aerius tends to be a bit on the bright side, the way you describe the sound coming out of your set up clearly you need a quality (and beefy) amplifier to get the most out of them. The Aerius' will never be bass champs but with the right associated gear and proper placement the midrange is glorious. You didn't mention your budget, so it's hard to pinpoint the ideal amp for you. 'Statics require power and yet benefit from a warmer sounding amp to offset the upper sheen; assuming you wanted to stay with solid state amplifiers I would recommend you look at Classe, McCormack, and Aragon for starters.
I used two amps with great success - not at the same time - when I had my Aerius - the Innersound and the McIntosh 162. The Innersound faired better.
Ditto on the InnerSound ESL Mk II amplifier.
You guys are the best. Thoughtful and quick responses. Most appreciated.

I will start researching your recommendations immediately.

thanks loads...
Get a used Krell 300i integrated amp for about $1000 and you fix most of the mid range to bass problem. I used 300i to drive my SL3 and get good results but I must admit that Mark Levison 333 drives the SL3 much better. I tried 333 on my SL3 and find out I actually don't need the subwoofer and better depth of the sound stage. If you are limited on budget then 300i or equivalent will be the best way to go. Experiment with placement of your Aerius (3.5 to 5 ft from the walls) and you'll get wall to wall sound stage. A good sound stage test is to use the "For Duke" or the "Casino Royale" CDs. Good listening.
The Aerius are a great speaker as long as you work within their limitations. For HT, it might be expecting a bit much for them to deliver high SPL and deep bass. However, for music, they deserve the best equipment you can afford to put in your system. The only weak points are the frequency extremes, but any complaints you have in between are equipment/cable/position related, not the speakers. Though the amplifier choice is critical, don't forget about the pre-amp. Most pre/pro won't allow the system to perform at its best. The B&K Ref 30 performed surprisingly well, but a good analog pre or integrated would possibly offer better performance at a lower overall system cost. Be sure to experiment with speaker placement, toe-in, and tilt. Small changes can yield significant improvements, particularly with ESLs. Now that I'm nearing completion with this diatribe, don't rule out a good tube amp or a hybrid. Music through ESLs and tubes can be an amazing experience. If you get the chance, give it try. Good luck.
i agree with Tinman Krell paired better with the logans
especially if you use cardas cable they like the golden
better or one step below.
i agree with Tinman Krell paired better with the logans
especially if you use cardas cable they like the golden
better or one step below.
I had Aerius mains for a while - I had the same problem as you, except that mine was made much worse by a bright room. I had to tone down the room first, then I upgraded to a Classe CA200 amp - that made a fairly big difference in the bass. The Aerius were replaced by Odysseys, which are much more full range - and then the Descent arrived. The difference in the bass and even lower midrange was REMARKABLE, even with the Odysseys. I didn't try the combination with the Aerius - didn't have them - but given the difference on the vastly better Odyssey, it's got to be huge.

In summary: a beefier power amp, plus a subwoofer could really make these sound a LOT better.