Need Suggestions on CD Player under 1k

My system:

Aragon Soundstage Pre-amp/Processor
Earthquake Cinenova Grande (300W x 5)
B&W Matrix 804 for fronts
DH Labs BL-1 Series II Interconnects for Amp/Pre-amp
DH Labs Q-10 Internally B-Wired

I have been looking at the Rega Planet 2000, AH! Njoeb Tjoeb 4000, Music Hall, and Cambridge Audio. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. Also going to purchase new interconnects as well. I would also consider used if it could get me better quality ans stay under $1k.

Meridian 506.24

I have the Music Hall and I am very happy with it. It was an upgrade from a SONY XA1ES player. I find that it picks up details that I did not hear before and is pretty musical sounding. I find that it is not fussy with the electronics that it is paired with. It took about 50 hours or so to burn in. As another option, J&R Music ( has the SONY 555 SACD ES changer (list $1700) for $600.
I think you'd be better off spening the $1000 on a used $2000-$3000 should be able to find one that would sound noticeably better than the above choices.
The Meridian 506.24 is a 2k player that I bought for 1k. It can now be had for even less. You'd be hard pressed to find a more musical & dependable player than a Meridian for under 1k. Phild, what are your picks?
I second the used route. You might try and find a used Audio Note CD2 for example.
Hi Driver, I'm not too familair with many CDPs in that price range, so I can't speak from experience. I've heard great things about so many, and I'm pretty sure that a used Meridian, Audio Note, Cary, Resolution Audio, Muse, Theta, Arcam, etc. that originally cost thousands will sound better than a $400 Cambridge or Music Hall...even if they are a few years older. I would think that the Rega Planet and Tjoeb (with NOS tubes) should also sound better than the $400-$500 players, but I'm sure all four of Craigt's picks are great players in their price range. One things certain...they'll all sound a little different, and he'll likely prefer one over the others.
another option which could come in under 1k is to pick up a used Tjoeb and have Dan Wright modify it-
Adam.....What does Dan Wright do to the Tjoeb?

Thanks to all who have responded....I will try some those recommendations....