Need suggestions on an integrated amp for Audes Soul speakers

My budget is $1500 or less.  I'm open to suggestions either New or Used.  

I've had the Audes Soul ( )for a handful of years and I feel like I never really had a chance to enjoy them.  

I have enjoyed Arcam and NAD integrated amps in the past with the smaller Audes 105 bookshelves.  I am looking for an amp with will provide rich detail and can power these speakers properly.  At this point, I am not considering bi-wiring or bi-amp the speakers.  I seem to lean towards Arcam (because of previous experience) but some people have suggested NAD, Anthem, Rega. 

I listen to all types of music but mostly lean towards electronic, rock, blues.

Sources : Arcam CD73, Sonos Connect, Kenwood KD-51F turntable

I'm wondering if I need to increase my budget, stick to Arcam/Anthem/NAD or if there are other manufacturers that could pair better with these speakers. 

If you can find an impedance chart like on these Audes Jazz, it goes a long way to help to decide which way to go with an amp, instead of just going by hearsay without looking into loading impedances that the amp will see.
I would say the manufacturer would have these impedance v phase graphs, you could ask an they may send them to you, it's no problem to them, in fact it would help them, as people wouldn't then put the wrong amp with their speakers.

Cheers George  
Thanks for your suggestions. Let me see what I can get from Audes and if anything I'll try to post it.

In regards to Rogue Audio, I read some reviews and it sounds interesting. I'm sure I can find a dealer in the area that carries them.