Need Suggestions for Tube Pre-amp

I own the First Sound MKIII tube pre-amp. I am considering replacing it but want to go up in performance and musicality but not in price. Has anyone owned the First Sound MKIII or high model in the First Sound line and found something better?
Thankful, you have a nice preamp and sense you are thankful for your system. Amen!

The TRL Dude would be a nice big step forward and will exceed your expectations in every way. I cannot adequately convey how good this preamp is in typed words. It has musicality in spades. I say this with confidence as I have owned more 8,000 plus preamps then I care to remember. The Dude is in a class of very, very few others and plays effortless, dynamic and real sounding music. It is a joy.

It is a beast weighting in a near 70 pounds with a beefier power supply then most mega amps - no kidding! The circuit is simple and expertly employed extracting every bit nuance and scale. Ya, I have owned the Dude for many years and it will never leave my system. Everything else can come and go, but the Dude will always abide.

It will be hand build by Paul only and made with passion and love for music.
The Dude is very fine as Grannyring says.Another linestage to consider that provides world class performance for a reasonable cost is the superb Coincident Statement Linestage.Single gain stage,DHT tubes(101D)transformer interstage(no coupling capacitor or resistors). Utterly natural tone, purity and sublime realism. You have good options out there.