Need suggestions for streaming files to my stereo

Hello everyone. I'm looking for a way to stream files (AAC, ALAC, FLAC) to my home stereo. The files are on my PC laptop, or on iTunes on my iPhone etc. I pretty much exhausted my budget on my power amp and speakers so Im looking for the best budget pieces I can afford to get the music flowing for now. I currently have Kef ks50s, a Red Dragon S500, a SMSL Sanskrit, and a Google Chromecast Audio.   I'll likely pick up a Schiit SYS preamp. 

With this current setup I can only pretty much stream Pamdora, since Itunes won't work with the CCA.   It's looking like the lowest cost option available is to use different software to handle the music files such as JRiver, or PowerDVD Ultra, but I'm unsure if this is the best way?  Any other ideas, software, hardware etc?  I have an insanely low budget of around $200 left to buy the rest, let's see what you guys can think of. 
I would get a Bluesound Node 2. It is a real hi-fi bargain at $499. I have wireless access to all my digital music files stored on a HDD. Plus, I have Pandora, Tidal and Spotify. If I wanted to explore Roon, I could. Should I want to play back Hi-Rez files like AIFF, MQA or Flac, no problem.
The Bluesound is an affordable high fidelity digital streaming devive for a stereo rig.
BTW you do not have to use your computer to use the Bluesound Node 2. Use your Iphone or Ipad, Android phone or tablet as the controller (remote).
+1 for the Bluesound !

- Amazing sound
- supports the most well known streaming services
- access to a huge selection of radio stations (global)
- forward looking design
- intuitive interface
- great software that works
- the unit and interface design makes life simple
- basic manual controls on each box are a huge plus
- extremely high quality music - even via the analogue outputs
- performance improves using high quality cables (power and IC's)

I started with the Powernode 2 for my A/V system and was so impressed I went out an bought the Node 2 for my Audio system, replacing my computer and DAC. I now have the Pulse Mini for outdoor music.

Regards - Steve
Free Solution:
You have a Google Chromecast Audio, so use it.  Download and install Google Chrome and enable Cast.  Then you can Cast the Desktop Audio to the Chromecast.  However, it doesn't work with iTunes.  A work-around is to upload your iTunes library to Google (first 50000 songs free).

If you had an Android phone, you could use BubblePNP and just play the music stored on the phone. This is what I do.  I stuck a big ass micro-sd memory card in my phone and carry around a lot of my favorite CD's including some Hi-Res.  When they announce 2TB micro-sd, I'll be the first to pre-order.  Then I can fit my entire music library on the Phone and dump the music server.   Again, iTunes not supported.

Utilize Apple airplay with Apple Airport Express $99 (connect to preamp) and Apple Remote app free (iPhone).

Control your cumputers iTunes from iPhone with app and select your airplay speaker(s), in this case your airport express. (Your iPhone can also independently select this an airplay source for streaming if you wish.)

Then later add another wifi speaker with airplay or another airport express with an integrated amp/speakers in other rooms and control it all with your iPhone Remote app.

Works for me.