Need suggestions for speakers, processor and amp

I am building a new house with a 17.5 x 20 ft family room that will have a cabinet built to house a rear projection tv and will have cabinets/bookshelves built on each side to house speakers and processor and amp. Cabinet will be on the 17.5 ft wall and left side of 20 ft wall will have fireplace while right side will have approx 15 ft of windows. Ceiling height is 10 ft and rear speakers will need to be in ceiling. Cabinet can be built to house either bookshelves or floor-standers. My wife prefers front speakers built in to cabinet, although I may be able to place floorstanders outside the cabinet on each side. I am also going to buy a subwoofer. I'm considering totems or spendor (local av retailer recommends jamo concert series)

I also need suggestions for preamp/processor and amp. I don't know whether to go 5.1 or 7.1 in this size of room (rear centers would also need to be in ceiling). I'm considering the new outlaw 950 and matching amp, but I've heard good things about rotel.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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perhaps soliloquy or tyler acoustics speakers?

maybe B&K or adcom processor and amp?
I use my system for approx 60-70% music. I'm hoping that I can get wood samples from some of the floorstanders and have the cabinet stained to match ( local amish are building the cabinetry)

Unfortunately, I don't think anything but in ceiling spkrs will work for rear surrounds because of the amount of windows on the right side and the wife acceptance factor.

I'm not going all out here. I will have an unfinished room in the basement (27X 35 ft) with no windows that I could turn into an all out HT. But we have a 2 week old baby, so I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.
are the soliloquy 5.0's ported?
could they be used as well?