Need suggestions for speakers for Classe system.

Hi Everyone,

First and formost, I would like to say hello. This is my first post and looking for some good advice.
I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions for speakers which would mate well with a Classe CA-400 amp and Classe CP-65 preamp. I am currently using a set of Paradigm S4 v.2. They sound great with fantastic detail, but I think they are a little too polite in the upper mid range on some recordings. They sound great when powered with an Anthem or a Parasound. I'm sure it is due to the laid back, smooth nature of the Classe. Has anyone had any experience with this type set up with satisfying results? I also have a second CA-400 I could use to bi-amp or run as mono-block if needed. My IC cables are all Synergistic Research accelerators (Balanced), and my speaker cables are Transparent Ultra Bi-wire MM2. Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated, and thank you in advance.
I ran Thiel CS5i's with my CA400, perfect match.
I have my Classe Ca400 with Magneplanar 2.6r. You should try run mono block with a new pair Maggie 3.7 or used 3.6. It sounds great with my Maggies.
There's good synergy between Classe and Revel .
I had good luck with Cardas speaker cable between my Classe and my Genesis entre one speaker. Try a different speaker cable and see if that improves the sound. It did in my system.
How big is your room? Listening habits i.e. rock and loud or jazz and moderate?
Not sure of your budget or location but Truesoundworks is offering refurbed Apogee Divas and Duetta Signatures here on AGon--both fabulous speakers. Apogees and Classe amps go very well together. Just a thought.
I like Mrderrick's suggestion.
Great synergy w/ B&W speakers.
My Classe Delta CA2200 drives my Thiel CS3.7's quite well, so I'm sure they'd really shine with the CA400 series. I find that a tube preamp makes the combination even better. I've not heard the Classe preamp so I'm not implying it wouldn't work.
I know someone who's selling a mint pair of CS5i's for a bargain basement price. He's got 7.2's he'd like to sell as well. Email me if you decide to go that way.
I think your best matches are:

1) B&W - Listen to the 804 and 805Ds
2) Wilson - Listen to Duettes or Sophia's. You can get Sophia 2's for fire sale prices now

I am using Sophia 3's with the newer Classe CT amps and Classe Pre-amp, with TA Ref cable, and I could not be happier.

I have heard many Wilson setups with Classe and its always been a pleasure.

At the local dealer, they usually have 805's 804's and 802Ds with Classe and they work well together.

Personal I prefer the Wilson's but that is personal preference.