Need suggestions for small room speakers

I have a small bedroom, dimensions about 9x10 or so. Need suggestions about speaker choices. My budget is around 1k. Musical tastes range from Miles Davis, Pink Floyd to New Order.
That's really small! Maybe headphones? Ok serioulsy, my long 2 cents: if big bass isn't a priority, a nice pair of 2 way mini-monitors with 6.5" drivers should be more than enough. Even a 2 way with 5.25 inch mid/woof will probably give you some good bass in there. Small rooms help boost bass, plus you're never going to be very far away from the speakers. If you're going to use the room for things besides listening -- I would go for something like the little Sonus Faber Concertinos. $1k should be plenty for whatever you choose. Personally, I probably wouldn't even spend the full amount since your room is kind of a limiting factor in soundstaging and all that.

Also, if you can't get your speakers out far into the room for "proper" placement and are going to have the speakers closer to the walls, like only 1 foot, that'll help boost bass too. All the more reason to maybe be happier with a smaller speaker. A good 2 way with a 6.5" would be as big as I would go. There should be alot of good choices out there for you new or used or diy. Don't forget stands or something else of suitable quality.
Proac 1SC. Great sound in a small, good looking package.
SPendor 3/5s would treat you right....
Second the Spendor s3/5 .. it's a sealed box, so it works pretty well close to walls, and doesn't sound boomy. The Sonus fabers are another good suggestion.
I have a 2nd system in a room the same size as yours. Firstly, suggest you avoid anything with a rear port, unless you can buy or try w/rite of return. This will eliminate a lot of choices. I am currently using the Spendor S3/5. I have them on stands a few inches away from the rear wall and still get a half-way decent soundstage. Whether you like them is a matter of taste (may not be best for Pink Floyd) and how you drive them, but my opinion is there are few speakers available at any price, that have their midrange.
You should consider the Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitors too. They are front ported, have exceptional drivers, and sound great (to me anyway) in a room about the same size as yours.
One good option is to buy the used pair of Joseph Audio RM7si's for $900 currently on this site. Terrific sounding mini-monitor, especially in smaller rooms.
I second the ProAc 1SC. I too have a small listening room and have experimented with many differnt types of monitors. I found the ProAc's to work the best in my room.
Mr. Jla is the one that recommended I try ProAc 1SCs in my room and so far they are my favorite monitors. Slightly different and I feel a little better than the Tab 50 Sigs I also own. Both these ProAcs utilize rear ports so be wary of the rear walls. If you take time in the set up, you'll be rewarded with full, lush sound and generous soundstaging. They're outstanding with acoustic instruments and female vocals.
I also have a small room (11x12). Have tried several different speakers. Two that have worked well in this room are Linn Tukans and Tyler Acoustics "Taylo" Reference Monitors. The Tukans are no longer available, but occasionally come around on Audiogon. You may have luck with the replacement for them called "Katan". They probably work just as well, Linn speakers are made to be placed close to tthe wall.
I am currently using the Taylo Reference Monitors in that room. They are fantastic, front ported, no boom, but plenty of bass for a small room.
Good Luck
Cheaper than the Spendor 3/5...NSM model
Which federal facility are you at? Just kidding. The Spendors really are that good for your application.