Need suggestions for outdoor speakers to lounge withithe qualifications for

The qualifications of what I am looking for is self powered speakers that I can use with Tidal , must mate well with cocktail drinks, lounge chairs and suntan lotion.
Meaning this is not for critical listening but I would like enough clarify and bass that the music is enjoyable, soothing and not irritatingly lacking.
My price range is $500 , can go up or down a few hundred.
I would like the able to recharge within a few hours. I don't have a preference for one point stereo or separate because I don't know the field of new speakers in this category.
All responses are appreciated
KANTO YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers .....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

“....Satisfy your craving for powerful, full-impact sound with Kanto YU6. Armed with a formidable Class D amplifier pumping out 200W peak power, YU6 will have you questioning what it really means to be loud. Its 5.25” Kevlar drivers and 1” silk dome tweeters inject detailed sound into every square inch of living space, evoking emotions that can only be expressed with an ear-to-ear grin.

even has Blutooth in addition to optical, RCA and USB inputs 

They also have a direct LFE output to a powered subwoofer if you want to add further bass slam

: Bookshelf
Feature: : Bluetooth, Wireless, For Computer
Configuration: 2 Channel