need suggestions for GMA C1 match

Hey everyone,

Thinking of upgrading my amp. What would be a good match for Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1's for under $700 on the used market?

I had my eye on a YBA, a Bel Canto, and a PSaudio...

Any recommendations would be great.
You might ask Roy at GMA what he thinks. My impression, based on having owned Europas, is that you can hardly go wrong. You might also consider one of the Odyssey amps.

What are you using now?
Right now I have a modified Yamaha M80... upgraded binding posts and power cord.

It's nice... but upgrading from a 120wpc M40 to a 250wpc M80 seemed to yield zero difference in sound quality... at least at any SPLs that my ears could handle.

So, I'm thinking 250 is overkill for the rather efficient GMA's. I could sell this one and try another flavor for about the same price..,