Need suggestions for bookshelf speakers to pair with an Arcam A70

This is a secondary setup in our office and not used frequently.  It is currently a basic setup of:

Audes 105 bookshelf speakers
Arcam A70 amp
sonos connect 

The Audes 105’s are damaged and I’m debating if I should replace them with another set of bookshelves (new or used) or swap everything out and replace with a pair of Sonos Ones/Play 1’s.  So I guess my price range is $400 or less. 
I do like the amp and enjoyed the Audes speakers but I’m not sure what would pair well and still be within budget - i.e. Kef, B&W...

My wife would primarily use this setup and I know for convenience a pair of Sonos speakers would be fine for her.  If I went this route then I would sell both the Arcam and the Sonos connect.

Looking forward to your suggestions.