Need suggestions for a USB and digital cable.

I have not tried computer audio but am taking the plunge. I am going to use an HP laptop and I will use Jriver. I got a great price on a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and sent it in for the DSDSE upgrade. Now I need to get a USB and a digital cable. I could use some suggestions. I don't really know alot about these cables or how much I will need to spend to get good sound. I need some help! My system is a Rowland Capri preamp, Pass 250.5, and Martin Logan Ascent i speakers.
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If you are using the DAC2 DSD SE's USB input you only need a USB cable. No need for a separate digital cable.

It pays to audition but here are some good bets -

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I am sorry. The digital cable is to run from a Monarchy DIP to the DAC. I am using my dvd player as a transport optical out to the DIP but I need a digital cable to the DAC.
The Revalations Audio Labs comes up often in threads. It is kind of expensive but might be worth it.
Check out Siver Labs for both options.
I use the Wireworld Starlight for both usb and spdif on my Wyred dac. Wyred recommended the Wireworld cables to use with their equipment. I am extremely satisfied.
Take a look at Black Cat.Although they are on a months hiatus in Japan through March you can find their products at The Cable Co.The owner/designer was the Man behind Stereovox.
Great products at real world prices!
I have the Cynosure by Locus Audio. It was crazy expensive and I haven't compared this cable for years as its been the only one I have used for a long time. The recent use of dual terminated usb cables completely separating the power and signal conduits has piqued my interests. The cynosure was one of the first to give credence to that theory, but carries the separated, insulated conduits in the same cable. I can say it it sounds amazing...but also that I am moving on!

So, I looked at the Kingrex, the Ridge Street and a number of others with dual origin terminations and separate cables....although rejoined at the end just before the signal enters the USB DAC. I think a battery supplied power leg is probably best, but no way I would keep up with recharging it. Since I use my AMR CD 77.1 as my USB DAC, I went with the iFi 4 part system. They are very much scientists in pursuit of great sound and signal paths that convey that, so it makes good sense to me, matches my equipment (a tidy little sonic ecosystem) and I really like their sound. The player and DAC are the best to my ear I have ever heard.

SO...MacMini (DC modded with Mojo Audio)-->1m Mercury USB (a single iFi cable)-->iFi iUSB-- (a dual iFi cable)-->iPurifier--->AMR is now my signal path. A bit quieter and very nice sounding, too! And, about 550usd total.

All that said, I do think there are differences in USB cables and they aren't subtle, but take system matching and synergy like everyhting else. My buddies has MAC 6700/Esoteric/Music Vault/Cremona M and uses the Crystal Clear Audio Master Class usb for sale here on Agon to amazing effect...

As for a digital cable...sp/dif? Pick up a Stealth Varidig and you'll never look back. Unless you want to pay 3x that for the Sextet. IMHO.

Good luck, enjoy the search and always enjoy the tunes!
I use the Purist Ultimate USB and it is very good. You will need to tune your laptop for audio play. I would get on CA forums to figure out how to tune your computer system for audio best sound. It’s a road everybody goes down but in the end it is worth it. I now run a built music server running Windows Server 2012 with AudioPhil’s Optimizer using the best SATA I have found.
OOOOPS! I left out the main USB cable, the Gemini (and I had to adjust the lengths for my purchase due to availability)!

MacMini (DC modded with Mojo Audio)-->

0.5m Mercury USB (a single iFi cable)-->
iFi iUSB-->
1.5m Gemini USB (a dual iFi cable)-->

Audiogon member Joemazzaglia makes a low cost, superb performing digital cable as one of his products from Auricle Audio Design. I used originally with the fine Monarchy DIP, and later with the superior Genesis Digital Lens.
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