Need suggestions for a new amp 200Wpc

Own Plinius 100MkIII, Dynaudio Countour 3.3, Sony SACD-1 Sony TA-E90ES pre all inside 25'x16'x18' (full catedral ceiling)room. Need amp for better bass control, cleaner sound. Looking for an amp with 200wpc or more, in range of $4000-$5000 used! What do you think BEST will work with Dynaudio speakers?
Krell, FPB series as big as you can afford.

If you like the Plinius sound, how about the 250? Also, isn't Sim recommended with Dynaudio?

Also for your consideration is the Ayre V-1, although they are hard to come by. The V-1x is out of your target range but the V-5x at 150 watts would do the job.
BAT VK200 !
The Sim Audio W-5 is a very nice amp for the used prices as is the Pass X-250. The Sim is a very fast amp with a nice balanced sound, the Pass has a slightly different sound maybe a little more romantic. If you can find a good deal on an Edge amp they are very clean and fast and slightly clearer than the Pass. I own the X-250 and love the amp in my system and Pass has the best service that I know of especially when you are in need of repairs.

Happy Listening.
IMHO, I think you would be better served upgrading your preamp. There are many preamps that will leave your Sony preamp in the dust.

HOWEVER, if you are set on a new amp... I have had the Plinius SA-100 mk3, the Sim Audio W-5, GamuT D-200mk1 and mk2, I have heard the Pass X-250, and I OWN an Ayre V-5x. I think the V-5x in many ways is one of the best solid state amps under $6k retail. The V-5x may only be rated 150wpc, but it SEEMS more powerful than the W-5 or the Gamut amps I have had. At $6k retail there is some serious competition in the 200wpc+ amp category: Parasound JC-1 Halo amps, Rogue Zeus monster tube amp, and the McCormick DNA-500.

CJ will be introducing a new Premier 350 amp. I would wait to hear it. It will be ss.
Take a look a the Tact M2150 or S2150. You'll get more detail, bass control, eliminate the preamp and save money on your electric bill.

With the ADC option, you can run the analog output on SACDs from your Sony into the ADC and connect the Sony's digital output to the Tact for CDs.

Stereo Time has a recent review.
Krell FPB 400cx or Plinius SA250 with the big Danes...

I would probably lean towards Krell
My opinion is that Krell FPB-as said as powerful you can get- or McCormack DNA 500, would suit your needs fine.
Pass Labs 250
Both have been mentioned, but you could do a Krell FPB 300 or the Pass Labs X250 for less than you mentioned and be over the 200 wpc mark.

I have the FPB 200 and think it's a great little (okay so it's not that little) amp and it will drive anything without four wheels.

The bass is full and explosively fast with the FPB series. There is plenty of reserve power for those difficult passages.

Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the Dynaudio speakers to say which one of these two would work the best with them.
InnerSound ESL. Drives my Magneplanar 3.6s effortlessly and sounds as good as any tube amp.
You can buy a used Pass X350 for less than 4k. Truly a great amp. Much better value on the used market than the krell fpb series. If you do a search on this forum you will find multiple positive comments.I am not a dealer but I know a great source for used pass equipment. Email me if you would like to discuss.
Docpete, 350 is on my list along with Plinius SA250IV, i'll contact you soon.
Ditto Darqwolf, Keithr and ddrdiamond; to paraphrase and quote, "Krell, FPB series as big as you can afford." I use 400cx, that's what Dynaudios (and Thiels, he he) like.

I have recently become a huge fan of this company.
Read this thread and then consider that the new AVA 220watt Fet-valve 550EXR is FAR better.
This amp has the transparency, authority, inner detail, dynamics, control, extension; flat from DC to 500k, pitch-perfect tonality, and a delicacy on par with 10K + amps. Unless you can't live without a big name on your rack, you'll not want to live with anything less. Au'natural. Absolutely vanishes...paid advertisement, not
Lets try that link again...
Used Pass X-350 with price at around 4K will be a great choice. It's 350WPC!

Which 10k amps have you compared them too? Please enlighten us.
Actually not quite 10K. Over a whole weekend 1 month ago using a quicksilver linestage and driving some old (modded) Beveridge speakers that were absolutely beautiful sounding, myself and a few friends, one an industry writer, listened as the AVA 550EX was compared to these 3 amps and outperformed them in every area, except for the incredible transparency of the Reference Line was slightly better...maybe
Mark Levinson 336 $7K+
" 333 "
Reference Line silver signature $9K
All the wire used was custom made silver twisted pairs.

I have not heard comparisons with newer amps. Although I have read one audiophile sold his older Plinius amp when he compared it to an AVA 240 Omegastar amp ($899)
he purchased for his home theatre.

At 5K the Audio by Van Alstine 550 EXR would be competitive, IMO. At 2K I just shake my head and smile.
Used Roland
PS Audio
A small correction. The "compared to" amp prices are off.
I believe they are 333 $8500. The 336 $9500. and $7900.
I was'nt clear on power cords etc....the friend who owns most of the equipment is a eletrical engineer and DIY'r and built his own cable/wire. To clarify the 333 sounded pretty awesome, but we all agreed it seemed to inflate the scale. Many would like the effect because we all love staging, but the AVA just sounded more...right, again, subjectively more transparent. Most folks who don't know would just think were nuts because to listen to any of these amps, especially the ML 333, the Reference Line and the AVA is to be completely swept off your feet. The AVA 500EXR is absolutely unbeatable at 3 times the price. If sold through dealers it would retail for over 3K. Its performance is worth twice that. Not to forget they have a 30-day no questions asked full refund policy if NS, and awesome service if you are.