Need suggestions for a MC Cart for my VPI Prime

Just bought a Zesto Andros 1.2 Phono Stage and for my VPI Prime. Any suggestion for an MC Cart for my VPI Prime.

Budget around up to 2k.

My set up consist of the following cronus magnum II, tannoy xt8f speakers. Right now im using a ortofon 2m black.

I listen to all kinds of genre but mostly rock and female vocals.
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Was/have/am using an Ortofon 2M Black, Cadenza Red, and Cadenza Black on a Classic Signature switching with a spare armwand.  No complaints.  
Dynavector XX-2 mk II and Lyra Delos are popular cartridge choices for VPI tables in under $2K price range.
Audio-Technica AT-ART 9 is another good one to consider.
+1 for the Dynavector XX-2 MK II.
Try a Zyx in the price range.  Just need to use anti skate and add some add'l weight to the headshell.  They sound great...
Ortofon Cadenza Bronze.  It will really make your Tannoy speakers sing.
I have an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze to sell....excellent condition (about 100 hours). PM if interested :) -- used on VPI Prime.  Currently using Lyra Delos and Ortofon 2M Bronze so Cadenza Bronze not needed at this point. In any event either the Delos or Cadenza Bronze are great choices. Good luck!
I've heard lots of cartridges w/ VPI tables, owned Ortofon Quintet Red, Bronze, Cadenza Bronze and Black and an SPU.  Have used the Kiseki Purpleheart on a VPI HR-X.  I think for the 3d arm/prime combo in the 2k range, I would audition the Transfiguration AXIA.
There is a VPI dealer in Oklahoma who handles the Transfig, along with VPI as well as Zesto and he has had that combination in his listening room.  I have heard it and it has a lot of synergy with that phono stage