Need suggestions about replacing a Classe' 2200

I'm quite pleased with my Classe' Delta 2200 stereo amp, but an upgrade itch has started and I'm interested in hearing from people who have owned this amp and upgraded.

My current system consists of Thiel CS3.7 speakers (require minimum of 200 wpc, IMHO),conrad-johnson CT5 preamp (requires an amp with a minimum input impedance of 20k ohms)Meinter bidat, CEC TL5100 transport, Harmonic Tech wiring and Shunyata power cords and conditioning. This is a highly accurate and resolving system. My room is average sized (16feet wide, 17 feet deep)and a bit bright.

I've gotten mixed feedback from friends as to whether I'd actually hear a significant difference if I went to monoblocs. Normally, I let my own ears be the judge, but, frankly, flipping amps of this size is not something I relish doing much. I'd like a little bit of guidance based upon the EXPERIENCE of others.
I owned the Classe Delta 2200.
If I wouldn't have needed the cash, I wish I would have never sold it. The Delta 2200 and the Theta Enterprise monos were two of my favorite amps.
Find some gently used Omega monoblocks.


Are you talking about the latest ones...because if you are, I'd have to win the lottery. My bad for not specifying price range. I can't afford anything that listed new for more than 10k. I could manage the CAM 400's, but I'd like to know whether they're dramatically better than the 2200 for my room and set up.
I have the CA2200 and it is a wonderful amp. I chose it for my system over the Pass 250.5, Mac402, Sim W7 and Nagra PSA. If I was to look at something in a mono-bloc I would probably audition the Classe M400 and would love to try the Pass XA60 but would not pull the trigger on either without a home audiition. The XA60 would be my first choice to audition but again, would not purchase without an audition in the home.

I hate to mention this but perhaps your upgrade bug would be better cared for if you changed speakers. A lot more would happen to the sound of you system then just going from one solid state amp to another.

Bang for the buck.
Sound guy,

After 18 years of listening to high end systems, I think I'll stick to what is the culmination of Jim Thiel's illustrious and well-documented career. The CS3.7's (they beat the 7.2's and I KNOW this from experience) are perfect for my room and my taste. I've listened to a large number of their closest competitors. To improve upon what I like about speakers, I'd have to reach well into the $20k plus stratosphere and it was hard enough for me to afford the 3.7's used. And, BTW, I never called it an upgrade "bug." It's a mere itch. lol. That said, I,too, am skeptical about the resulting "bang" from upgrading the amp, ergo the thread. If someone would bring over a pair of decent monoblocs to my house, I could sort this out in a jiffy. ;-)