Need suggestion instead of a Beosound 3200

Hi everyone, I am new to the whole scene and really enjoy A'Gon. I am seeking some assistance on finding if there is anything better/preferable to the Bang & Olufson Beosound 3200 cd player system for the same or lower price. (Ideally in the $1500 - $3000). I hope to get a used one but really have not read much about B&O on this site and wondered why? Or are there better products for the same price. Thanks.
B&O seems to be more of a fasion statement than a real audiophile product.
I unserstand they are making some pretty decent stuff recently, but it seems that for a long time they were all about cosmetics and "gee wizz" factor over actual sound.

for 3k, you can get a pretty wicked CD player that will Stomp any B&O Cd player.

You might want to check out the Denon 5900 DVD player, its a very fine player and will do DVD, SACD, DVD-A, CD, and pretty much everything. Pretty much right in yer budget, i think they run about 2k new.

Im sure you will get flooded with suggestions
Linn Classik; integrated amp with CD player and optional AM/FM. Hard to beat this with a pair of nice little moniters like Linn tukans.
Hi! Agreed with Slappy! But you don't need 3k to stomp the B & o CD player. For around $1000 to $1500, you can stomp the B & o CD player.

I don't wish to be accused of product killing but the fact of the matter is we audiophiles are very particular if not obsessive about sonics. The reason we spend hard-earned cash on this hobby is that we wish to have the aural experience that the musicians are in the room with us. Not easy as most professional musical instruments cost more than our cars.

Just know what you are buying and know why you are buying it. If that makes you happy, go for it. But sound wise, not a good move. Investment wise, also not a good move.

Happy hunting!
Thanks Guys!! I knew there had to be more than met the eyes. I am really interested in high quality sound and will definitly look into your suggestions of the Denon 5900 and the Linn Classik. I personally would not like to spend more if I can get better for less$$ (I have bee n saving for awhile with my wife's approval!!).

Should I focus on a separate cd player and dvd player (thinking ahead now) or is there any real noticble difference if comparing good quality products.

Pictura, what did you have in mind for the $1500 range?
Wow, we all agree with slappy!
Put the b&o on ebay-people will overbid for it most likely!
What speakers/sub are you using? That will make a big difference. Personally, I got an Anthem AVM2(demo), HK citation 5.1 amp(refurb) and denon 2200(new) for $1800.
Elevick, I am starting from scratch. I am planning to build up a proper system over time. Currently I have the basic Best Buy/mainstream products that are not even that impressive in that league anymore.
Best buy sells some decent mid level stuff sometimes. I'd really push the denon 2200 dvd since it sounds great as dvd/sacd/cd and eliminates the need for a cd. You will have to spend quite a few bucks more to top it. You may even want to consider something like an underwood modified 2200 for around $1200 which will keep up with anything. You can always have the mod done later when more money appears.
If you have nothing to speak of now, you have to start somewhere. Pick you least liked piece and start upgrading there. If you are going home theater, remember to keep you center and fronts matched. Also, don't skimp on a sub-it will help to support the whole system by filling in what the speakers can't plus it will ease the load on the amp.
My final advice is 2 items: 1-buying amps, subs and speakers used is usually great. But, receivers, HT pre-amps and dvd players is more questionable which leads to #2 2-future proofing. HT receivers and dvd's seem to be upgraded every 6 months. This allows you to get great deals but makes things seem obsolete much quicker. However, if you get a 6 month old piece or a dealer demo for 1/2 price, sometimes it's worth it. Again that's why seperate can be nice. Amplifiers don't get obsolete usually which only leaves the pre to upgrade (keep in mind that the extra interconnects add up to a nice chunk of change).
Thanks for the comprehensive advise. I really will take your two pointers to heart as it is exactly what I needed to know. I at least feel like I am more informed now to start building up my first real system. Now how much can I get my wife to agree to spend!!
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