Need suggestion in speaker cable

I am looking for speaker cable no more than $400.
I prefer details,neutal sound,transparency, and huge soundstage.
I find the mapleshade double helix and stealth FR are in the range.
Could you give me some suggestions about the two cable ?
or any better suggestion than those two ?
Jena Labs Cryo treated , Nordost Blue Heaven, Harmonic Tech... all alot of bang for the buck.
Thanks but I need more than 8 feet to connect.
Some of those cables seem over my budget a lot when length is 8 feet.
Look at Sakura Sysytems Ota Cable Kit thread- Redkiwi and DEkay haven't heard the Mapleshade double Helix and I haven't heard the OTA but our impressions are so similar and we agree that each is far ahead of "traditional" cables like Coincident, DH Labs, etc. The Mapleshade is simply glorious.
Bear Labs, Silver Thunder Speaker cables. Check out The website for special pricing.
to Kitch
OTA Cable kit need $ 600. I only can try it if I can find several people to split those cable. I think it is hard to persuade someone to buy something not famous in Taiwan because most of shops don't have a 30 days moneyback policy in Taiwan so ......
I will consider the dould helix seriouly but I have a question.
What the difference between normal and Plus version ?
The information on mapleshape's website don't describe clearly.
Thank you

to Lak
I will email them to get more information about the cable.

p.s. : I bought 1 pair TMC white label IC 2 weeks ago. This stuff works pretty good on my system.
It totally knocks my MIT MI-330 plus S2 down even in soundstage. I gonna sell the MIT cable this week.
Alpha Core MI2 is really great cable for the money
Excuse me. Could you give me some information about sound characteristics of those cables ?
Many cable manufacturers don't have a distributor here so I can't find the cables in Taiwan. I only can get information on discussion forum and buy cable online.
Thank you
Harmonic Technology Pro-9 sounds to me like exactly what you describe, and can be had used for around your price range. I don't care for HT's interconnects, but I like this speaker cable a lot.