need suggestion for external CD ripping drive

I think the optical drive in my laptop is about to die, it is making strange noises. Is there a good external drive for ripping CDs that is USB 2.0?
Check my system page.

I've been using Seagate external USBs for ripping and backup now for a couple of years and I can highly recommend these. Very reliable and good performance. Comes with free backup software that is efficient, easy to use and is reliable as well.
I've never used an external CD drive, but I always had good luck with LiteOn internal drives. From what I recall, Plextor used to be the "bee's knees" of internal drives. I assume their external drives are of sufficient quality as well. Look at and see what the reviews say.
FYI, I think the max read speed on most externals is 24x
thanks, I'm seeing a lot of external DVD writer drives, but no CD/ROM drives, I guess that is a sign of the times. I like the Seagate brand, I use one of their external hard drives to hold all my rips...
You're not likely to find a new CD/ROM-only ripper/burner but as far as I know all DVD drives will also handle CDs.

I have an external DVD drive from Other World Computing with a Pioneer mechanism that's been completely reliable ripping and burning hundreds of CDs and is very heavily built. It has both USB 2.0 and Firewire ports.

The only downside is that the fan is noisy during the burning or ripping process but since I'm using it almost always just during the time I'm transferring music that's not a big concern. It also comes in handy for software installations on a laptop with a flaky optical drive.

I do agree with the Seagate recommendation, I've bought dozens of their products at work and never had a problem.
I just finished ripping 600 cds to my computer using a Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS external drive. It has solid C2 error correction, which is key for getting secure rips. Runs quiet and has never given me any problems.

Only drawback is that it might require two USB 2.0 ports, depending on the power supplied by the USB ports in your computer. I only needed one, though, as I had it connected to a USB 3.0 port.

Best part is that it only costs $35!
Lacie external firewire drive - the best way to go.
It's true, as Simorgh says, that some of the portable USB external burners need more power than a single USB port can provide.

There are cables that have two USB plugs on one end to provide the power and connection to the computer and a single plug on the other end to connect to the burner.

If you don't have two USB ports available on your computer you can plug one of the dual USB plugs into any standard USB charger to provide the extra amperage.
Folks- Anyone have experience with Plextor's "PlexEasy"CD wtiter? It does not require a PC. Curious if the write speed is too fast to improve on SQ from red book (though I realize that's not the only factor contributing to better sound on "ripped" CDs). Thanks in advance.