Need suggestion for cables of YBA system

Thanks for reading. This is my first post here. Got a questions and hope you guys can help.

I just brought a new system old model from a dealer:
YBA YC201 CD Player
YBA YA201 Integrated Amplifier
Von Schweikert VR-4jr Speaker

I'm new on this field. I need suggestion on purchasing interconnect, speaker and power cables. My budget is $1500. My room size is 12x12feet. Listen classical music mostly. Hoping to buy a cable that will match my system while within my budget. Also keeping the resell value if possible :-)

Hoping to get all the cables online. Could you guys also introduce me some good online store. I know the last question may against forum policy. Please PM me this.
thanks a lot.
I wouldn't spend $1500 on cables for this system. Keep it under $500 and spend the other grand on music -better investment by far as cables must have the WORST resale value of anything audiophile.
Suggest you use single stranded cable (or few strands), paralleled conductors, for IC. Low capacitance for spkrs. Now, as to actual brands: "Jade" (i.e. Audiogoner Jadem6) makes such cables; the top Nordost are also very good with YBA, but very expensive.
I used a Jade clone: made to authorized Jade recipe, but inferior materials. The JD clones replaced Nordost Valhalla on YBA Passion pre/ power.

OTOH, I agree with the previous poster: be stiff with your money when it comes to cables (and the JD doesn't cost that much I don't think)
I am very happy with Discovery Essence, Essential and the Discovery power cord with same YBA components. You can get all three on Audiogon for below $1000, and they hold their value.
Mogami 2549 unbalanced, 2534 for unbalanced and check my system for the model of Mogami speaker cable I am using. I have all Audio Refinement (YBA) separates
You can get a 3' pair of Mogami 2549 with Neutrik Golds for $24. Purchase some Mogami 2921 bulk cable and have your local shop terminate it with Audioquest BFAs ($10 / pair, comes to $75 with biwire setup and termination labor). You can have some very nice cables for $150 or so. I love mine and worth a try...
Pro Audio LA will sell you the terminated Mogami 2549 at that price with the Neutrik Golds (not affiliated with them and I got mine from them).